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I'll be there at 8 to get things rolling.
Track Scraping This ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
I stopped at the track last week to help Bill Bedell, Vic Valenson, Bob & his grandson Davian, along with Pete with the tree work that needed to be done. The turnaround was in good shape, and they got most of the tree work done.
One thing I did notice, is the old rubber needs to come up or it will do it by itself when we start to run. With the late winter, there really hasnt been time to get it off the track. And with Easter on Sunday, everyone has family obligations. So....anyone who would like to help, we will be there at 8am on Saturday. This is always the easiest time for scraping. Its half lifted from the winters freeze cycles. A little heat,and away she goes!
Track Scraping This ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Jim Bersani. JBE 264-6605
Any one know where I ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
You need to deduct the weight of the rear end with tires. (about 300#) So 1500 divided by 2 will be 750# per spring. 5" total preload with 150# spring AT RIDE HEIGHT.

The amount you preload will be based on how much travel you have for your shock. I wouldn't use anything LESS than 7" of travel for street. 3" compressed/4" travel left. You want the tire to be able to travel down into the potholes to reduce the severity. Otherwise, you got a buckboard that will throw you sideways with every tar strip you drive over.
Need springs
Work Day Sat. April ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Open season on beaver, or did you get the permit?
Work Day Sat. April ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Other than trees, scraping and pumping, anything else need to be done?
Work Day Sat. April ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
I'll be there to help you on Sunday, Pete.
Work Day Sat. April ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
I have a 4" harwood bolt on , Rob. 374-0476
Wtb-4inch cowl induc ...
More crap for sale
Welcome to ESTA Safety Park!
For the first time racers to the track, please let me walk you through the way things work at the track.
1.) You will enter the track from the North gate, and be greeted by our fabulous attendants, who
will have you sign the waiver,take your admission fee, and affix a wrist band THAT YOU MUST KEEP
ON ALL DAY. (without this band, you may be asked to pay again, so PLEASE keep in on your wrist!)
2.) After getting your wristband, you will proceed straight down to tech, where your vehicle will be
safety inspected. If approved, you will receive a Tech Card.
3.) Once Teched, you will find a space to park your vehicle. Please take note that spaces will be
marked T-XXX or S-XXX on the right side of the pit space. If there is a number on the left side,
that space IS RESERVED. Please do not park there, or you will be asked to move. If you would
like to reserve a space, tell Pete in Tech, or Robin in the Tower, the space you want, as
identified by the T or S number. To help you decide which side to pit on, Super Pro, Pro,
Modified and Jr Dragsters all stage on the tower side. Street and Bike/Sled stage on the
Spectator side. Until you follow the flow, it may be easier for you to pit on the side you will
Stage on.
4.) After parking, fill out your Tech Card. Take it to Robin at the Base of the Tower. Give her your
tech card and Entry fee, and she will give you the competition number that you need to write on
the upper passenger side & Driver window of your car, or side of your bike/sled/Junior. MAKE IT
LEGIBLE! You need to make it easy to read from the top of the tower, so BIG AND CLEAR. (Your
Dial In must be clear as well!) By now, you should know what class you need to listen for.
5.) After leaving the tower, take a stroll over to the starting line. Don’t be afraid to ask
questions. Look to see where the PreStage and Stage lights are (there is a cone by them). Ask
fellow racers as well. Most of them are a friendly bunch. Its in your best interest to find
someone close to your pit spot, that’s in the same class as you are!
6.) At Roughly 9:20am, the first time trials are called. When your particular class is called, head
up to the lanes the announcer is calling you to (Not before) You will then wait in or by your
vehicle to advance into the water box AS DIRECTED BY THE STAGING LANE STEWARD. BE SURE YOU ARE
READY! Belts on, helmet and safety equipment on.
7.) DOT Treaded tire cars MUST DRIVE AROUND the water, and back in to the water. Slick (And Street
slick) cars can drive through. (Unless you have drag fronts, it’s in your best behalf to drive
around and back in anyways!) DO NOT DO YOUR BURNOUT UNTIL DIRECTED!!
8.) When the starting line crew is ready, they will instruct you to do your burnout. DO NOT do it
before directed! After doing your burnout, proceed forward to the staging lights.
9.) IF, during your run, your vehicle gets squirrely, LET OFF and proceed down the track safely. DO
NOT get back on the gas hard!!! Your weight bias is re-neutraled, and you will likely spin your
vehicle out! This is THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE of crashes! Your run is pretty much useless at that
point, so don’t risk injury!
10.)If, in your run you broke something, GET TO THE SIDE of the lane as soon as SAFELY possible.
11.)After you make your pass, we have 3 turnoffs. The first turnoff is just ahead of the ticket
shack. Proceed PAST that unless your vehicle is hurt. You will see another turnoff approx. ½ way
to the end. The final turn is pretty obvious. LOL (All turns to the right) The right lane has
12.)Proceed up the return road SLOWLY to the ticket shack to get your time slip.

Some other points to consider:
Bring a dial in marker (Or contrasting show polish)
Bring a helmet for cars faster than 14 seconds
DON’T drive thru Mud. (You will likely get lynched by other racers)
Bring a chair
READ the Track Rules!!
Tune your FM radio to 89.3 to hear the announcer

And have a GREAT time!
If you have never ra ...
Rolland turned 80 this week, and Robin is 500 today! Welllll, maybe 50, but, you know,....LOL

Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday Rolli ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
John Accherino (sorry about the spelling)with the MIMI car and Rick Berry are looking to borrow a Full size porta-tree for the upcoming Syracuse Motorama on March 22 and 23rd. They are planning a drag racing type display. Let me know and I can put you in contact with John!
In search of....
Category: Drag Race Banter
My 2 cents worth:

Super: Great!
Pro: IMO, 8.50 to 13.99 As it stands, if you cant make a 14.00 pass, then you have a street car. My 07 4.6 mustang will run 13s. BONE STOCK.
Street Money: No registrations/insurance required. 11:50 to 17.99
Street Trophy: Same

Byes: Leave them as is, EXCEPT, if you go Red on the bye, YOU'RE OUT. That makes the playing field fair for guys who had to race the previous round for the next Bye.
2014 proposed change ...
Sorry to hear that, Gene. Lisa & I hope you find peace with the loss of Theresa.
another sad day
Category: Drag Race Banter
3rd gen Camaro Front Strut Koni 874-1030 1/2 season $543.00 $200.00
3rd gen Camaro Front Strut Comp Engin C2801 3 weeks $239.00 $150.00
3rd Gen Camaro front coil over kit PA Racing New $279.00 $225.00
fits 2.2" strut (Koni)
Rear 5" x11"x125# spring Hypercoil New $110.00 $50.00
2-5/8"x12" x100# Spring AFCO 22100 New $90.00 $75.00
2-5/8"x12" x80# Spring AFCO 22080 Used $90.00 $75.00
Holley/AED 950 AED 8051b Used $750.00 $400.00
3rd gen 1-7/8-2" step header Hedman stahl fl. Used $850.00 $400.00

More crap for sale
Mike Gwynn is gonna be on, running the Oklahoma boys! 9pm!
Category: Drag Race Banter
I'm changing my name to NHRA so I can approve mechanics wire!
2014 Header Tether r ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Todd Tuohey lost his dad this morning, who was another ESTA Original.
And yet another.
Category: Drag Race Banter
Calling hours are Thursday, Todd?
Its with great sadne ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
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