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Here’s how day one went for the “Design Joint Bottom Bulb Bash”. We got pounded with rain overnight so thank you to everyone that came out and had to deal with the very wet pit conditions. In the main event it was Brad Perkins in his ’79 Camaro taking on Steve Doss in his ’85 Monte Carlo. Brad laid a .005 light on Steve and he cruised to a winning 6.841 at 98.92 mph on his 6.81 dial to claim the title and the five grand that came with it. Steve had a respectable .529 light and his car reached for the sky and he ran off his 6.41 dial and settled for the runner up spot with a 6.439 at 103.46 mph effort. Jason Hemingway made it to the semis in his ’87 Camaro, losing to Doss.
The High Roller final round came down to Mark Talmadge in his “trusty” ’75 Vega squaring off with Justin Hardman in his late model Camaro. Justin was .009 and .007 at the tree in the prior rounds but he leaned on it too hard in the final and came up -.004 red and that was that as Mark clicked it off and claimed the coveted win. Don Austin lasted until the semi’s losing to Justin and the afore mentioned Brad Perkins lost to Mark in the other semifinal.
We ran a Gamblers race also and Matt Hines drove his Malibu Wagon to the win defeating Mike Scribani in his Camaro. In a very tight final Matt had a .042 light and ran 6.555 at 102.98 mph on his 6.56 while Mike had a .044 light and ran 6.225 at 109.80 mph on his 6.23. Anthony Zegarelli was the semifinalist.
Bottom Bulb Day 1
Category: Drag Race Banter
We looked at several races that are run similar to this one and came up with what we believe will be best for all involved. This is not run like our weekly Pro class in regards to trans brakes and automated shifters that is a division 1 rule for the Summit e.t. Finals. Also this race will be 1/8 mile.
5k race
Category: Drag Race Banter
ESTA Safety Park Dragstrip
Super Pro
W: Vince Musolino Dragster 4.613, 138.80 4.56 Dial., .015
R/U: Bob Belvick Dragster 5.041, 132.76 5.00 Dial., .056
Semi: Cody Reome and Anthony Zangari

W: Rob Forbes 72 Nova 6.719, 98.95 6.69 dial., .046
R/U: Bob Mayers 27 Ford 6.058, 113.01 6.04 dial., .089
Semi: Gary Rolfe Jr.

Pro MX
W: Bob Salerno 06 Ski-Doo 6.200, 101.98 6.20 dial., .056
R/U: Sudsy Eastman 01 Ski-Doo 6.350, 103.22 6.33 dial., .055
Semi: Jim Collins and Ryan Orizino

Street Money
W: Bill Coon 84 Camaro 9.760, 71.32 9.72 dial., .033
R/U: Jim Smith 89 S-10 8.313, 83.48 8.30 dial., .095
Semi: Todd Minerd and Steve English

W: Gary French 82 Buick 7.353, 92.00 7.35 dial., .046
R/U: Scott Smith 64 Plymouth 6.612, 103.59 6.60 dial., .054
Semi: Joe Rolfe and Jim Giorano
Street Trophy
W: Kurt Hagen 11 Camaro 8.082, 85.22 8.03 dial., .118
R/U: Bill Coon 84 Camaro 9.732, 71.66 9.74 dial., .035
Semi: Jim Pipines and Brian Mahler

Bike / Sled Trophy
W: Sudsy Eastman 01 Ski-Doo 6.427, 95.13 6.33 dial., .018
R/U: John Kufhta 89 Polaris 6.778, 94.91 6.70 dial., .146
Semi: Bob Salerno

Jr. Dragster
W: Kimberlee Snell Jr. Dragster 9.656, 68.38 9.59 dial., .076
R/U: Jazmyne Short Jr. Dragster 8.021, 80.65 8.03 dial., .133
Semi: Alexis Collins and Natalie Musolino

Top Street
W: Fred Davis 72 Camaro No Time
R/U: Jim Bersani 66 Nova Wagon No Time
Results 6.18
Category: Drag Race Banter
W: Anthony Zangari Dragster 4.767, 143.83 4.75 dial. .011
R/U: Iggy Falcone 65 Pontiac 6.451, 106.64 6.45 dial. .033
Semi: Pete Curpier

W: Mike LaRose 69 Dart 6.435, 104.38 6.44 dial. .023
R/U: Steve Doss 85 Chevy 6.453, 100.66 6.47 dial. .020
Semi: Matt Consiglio

Pro MX
W: Kevin Wuest 97 Polaris 6.727, 97.03 6.70 dial. .040
R/U: Bob Salerno 06 Ski-Doo 6.264, 106.44 6.24 dial. .130
Semi: Sudsy Eastman, David Ashby

Street Money
W: Todd Minerd 80 Pinto 10.040, 69.23 10.04 dial. .089
R/U: Jessica DeSiato 85 Camaro 7.113, 87.53 7.10 dial. .089
Semi: Jake Lipke

W: Steve Searles 89 Mustang 8.254, 78.82 8.06 dial. .017
R/U: Gary French 82 Buick 7.322, 93.13 7.32 dial. .416
Semi: Craig Trudell, Bob Walsh

Street Trophy
W: Steven Seelman Jr. 89 Pontiac 8.902, 67.35 8.75 dial. .182
R/U: Brian Mahler 08 Nissan 10.466, 68.17 10.40 dial. .446
Semi: Steve English

Bike / Sled Trophy
W: John Kufhta 89 Polaris 6.664, 95.11 6.69 dial. .205
R/U: David Ashby 90 Kawasaki 8.542, 77.84 8.62 dial. .194
Semi: Brian Moulton, Bob Salerno

Jr. Dragster
W: Daniel Thorpe Jr. Dragster 8.067, 82.45 8.05 dial. .109
R/U: Messiah Hart Jr. Dragster 11.788, 51.84 11.90 dial. -007 foul
Semi: Alexis Collins, Jazmyne Short

American Muscle Pro Stick
W: Tom Geib 62 Chevy 7.043, 93.54 6.98 dial. .049
R/U: Ron LaRose 61 Chevy 6.107, 108.67 6.19 dial. .026
Semi: Dan Meile, 63 Dodge
Results June 11
Category: Drag Race Banter
Here’s a refresher on the rules for the Top Street Shootout. All cars must be street registered, inspected and insured, bring reg. and ins. Card with you. No Dealer Plates. You will need all proper safety gear that is required for the car and for you to wear depending on how fast the car is. This will be an 1/8 mile race, heads up, no dial - ins with a Pro Tree start. Time slips will be available at the tower to the car owner. Eight car field. DOT tires will be required. Draw for position. $100 entry fee, $1000 to win and $250 for the runner up.

Hopefully the weather will start to warm up and we can have an awesome race day for this exciting event. All of our normal Summit ET classes will also be racing on this day as well. See you there.
Top Street Race 6/18
Category: Drag Race Banter
Results for 5/21/17
Super Pro
W:Russ Denmark Dragster Shutoff 4.56 dial
R/U: Paul Scribani 90 Camaro Broke 5.73 dial
Semi: Kimberly Klein, Mike Scribani

W: Don Austin 93 S-10 6.217, 110.00 mph 6.21 dial., .078
R/U: Al Meier 82 Camaro 6.265, 109.22 mph 6.26 dial., .-021 foul
Semi: Gary Rolfe Jr, Brian Mahler

Pro MX
W: Brian Moulton 89 Kawasaki 6.061, 113.56 mph 5.92 dial., .132
R/U: Ryan Orizino 96 Arctic Cat 6.635, 103.24 mph 6.53 dial., .-034 foul
Semi: Rich Garguilo

Street Money
W: Todd Minerd 80 Ford 9.896, 70.13 mph 9.89 dial., .068
R/U: Brian Mahler 04 Pontiac 9.089, 77.96 mph 9.05 dial., .-057
Semi: Kurt Hagan

W: Jim Pipines 16 Corvette 7.406, 82.90 mph 6.90 dial., .780
R/U: Myles Higby 69 Dodge Broke
Semi: Tom Samsel

Street Trophy
W: Steve English 82 Cutlass 7.996, 88.06 mph 8.02 dial., .089
R/U: Steve Seelman Jr. 89 Pontiac 8.497, 77.32 mph 8.53 dial., .-016
Semi: Steve Seelman Sr.

Bike / Sled Trophy
W: Kevin Wuest 97 Polaris 6.498, 102.76 mph 6.50 dial., .045
R/U: Rich Garguilo Arctic Cat 6.134, 108.67 mph 6.05 dial., .-074
Semi: Sudsy Eastman, Bob Salerno

Jr. Dragster
W: Natalie Musolino American 7.962, 80.17 mph 7.90 dial., .043
R/U: Jimmy O’Toole Halfscale 8.012, 80.77 mph 7.93 dial., .141
Semi: Daniel Thorpe
Results 5/21
Category: Drag Race Banter
We are open today. Gates open at 8:30
This weekend
Category: Drag Race Banter
Ok the no BS answer for tomorrow is we willl more than likely try for the time trial day. Call the track before you leave or check here I will have the message on by 7:30. The pits are very wet so be prepared to deal with that and if we open check where you park before venturing off the blacktop. I'm sure some of the larger rigs are going to have to park on the blacktop where it's possible. The return road at the end has water covering it , a street car can get thru it but a dragster or a low car will have issues. Hope to see you tomorrow.
This weekend
Category: Drag Race Banter
Your spot is painted with your car number Jim right off the back of the staging lanes. I have some of them marked others are not. I'll try to get the rest done soon.
pit spots
Sadly we lost two members of our racing community last week . Tony Arcadi passed away on May 3rd. Tony ran his familiar Camaro in the Pro class and did quite well. Chuck Bogan passed away April 27th, while Chuck did not drive a car he had his hand in many of the engines of racers that have competed at ESTA. Our heartfelt condolences go out to both families.
Category: Drag Race Banter
Will keep everyone posted but the forecast is not looking very favorable for our opener.
Tentative 2017 Sched ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
We will be having a Drivers meeting on Saturday April 8 at Bella Domani's, 5988 East Taft Rd. North Syracuse. This is the same location our banquet has been the last two years. We have the room from 9am - 11am. See you there.
Drivers Meeting Apri ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Yes, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Dick was a long time friend of mine and will surely be missed. He drove Jim Farrand's F/G Pinto back in the day.
Category: Drag Race Banter
See my above response.
Tentative 2017 Sched ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
We still have the ND Challenge now called the NHRA All Access Challenge where we give out the "Wally" Trophy plus the top winner payout. For now we don't have the Showdown races scheduled due to the fact that although we paid the top winner money and the "Tree" trophies we really did not get anymore entries to participate. I am going to try and set up a drivers meeting sometime in March and we can discuss this plus any other issues or ideas.
Tentative 2017 Sched ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
I was informed on Friday that Ken Taylor passed away. From all of us at ESTA I would like to extend our condolences to his family and friends.
More Condolences
Category: Drag Race Banter
No, the early discount has been removed.
2017 Reserved Parkin ...
2017 ESTA Reserved Parking
Please Print Clearly



City:_____________________________State_________Zip code:________________

Points Class: ________________________________ Competition # _______________

Emergency contact information:


Daytime phone:_________________________________

Evening phone:_________________________________

Cell phone: ____________________________________

Trailer plate number and State (if applicable)____________________________

Reserved parking spaces range from $100 for single car spot. $200 for Truck & Trailer size spot. Due by April 1 to keep same spot as in 2016.
Reserved parking is valid on Summit E.T. Points days at ESTA Safety Park. ESTA Safety Park is not responsible for loss or damage of any items stored or parked on the premises. The owner of items parked or stored on the premises is solely responsible for loss insurance at their expense.
Mail to: ESTA, P.O. Box 1189 Cicero, NY 13039. Attn: Parking
2017 Reserved Parkin ...


Super Pro: Open to all cars, dragsters or altereds 6.50 – 11.99. The use of electronic devices is permitted as per the 2017 NHRA rulebook. Delay boxes, automatic shifters, trans. brakes etc. are all ok.

Pro: 8.50 – 17.99. A NO – electronics class. Electronic ignition and single-stage (high side) rev-limiter will be accepted. Non-drive wheel line-locs will be accepted but wiring must be direct and traceable. Nitrous, must be activated by driver switch or wide open throttle switch, single stage only, no timers. Electronics expressly forbidden, but not limited to: data recorders, transbrakes, electronic/automated shifters other than factory, two-steps, electronic throttle stops and delay devices. Reverse Trans solenoid may only be operated by a switch affixed to the shifter, such as a back up light switch.

Pro MX: Our motorcycle & Snowmobile class: 7.50 – 15.99. No delay devices will be allowed. Other electronic items acceptable per 2017 NHRA rulebook.

Street Money: 10.50 – 19.99 . Will be run the same as Pro, electronics wise. The car must be street appearing, full fenders, grill, hood, working headlights, DOT tires and functioning mufflers. – NO SLICKS

Street Trophy: 11.50 – 19.99. Will be run the same as Pro, electronics wise. The car must be Street registered and inspected, street appearing with DOT tires and functioning mufflers.

Mod Trophy: Open to modified type cars. Same rules as Super Pro.

Trophy Bike / Sled: A class open to motorcycles and snowmobiles that wish to run for trophies not cash. Same rules as Pro MX.

Jr. Dragster: NHRA accepted Jr.Dragsters for competitors ages 6 – 17.

Jr. Street: A new class for competitors ages 13-16. 9:00 or slower 1/8 mile.

Time Trial: Time trial only class. $50 entry fee. Refundable $100 oil down deposit.

General Time Schedule
Gates Open: 8:00 am
Time Trials Start: 9:30am
Eliminations: 2:00pm

Directions to ESTA
The track is located 7 miles east of Route 81 (exit 30) in Cicero, NY at 8091 Eastwood Road, off of Rt. 31.

Track Phone: 315-699-7484 or
17 Class Info
TENTATIVE ESTA 2017 SCHEDULE (Subject to Change)
April 23 Open Test & Tune. Weather permitting.
April 30 Regular event for all classes. No points.
May 7 Summit ET Series begins.
May 14 Summit ET Series event.
May 21 Summit ET Series event. NHRA Member Madness Race.
May 28 Summit ET Series event.
June 4 Summit ET Series event.
June 11 Open Test & Tune.
June 18 Summit ET Series event. Top Street Shootout?
June 24 & 25 5K No Box weekend. Plus box race on Sunday.
July 2 Summit ET Series event.
July 9 Summit ET Series event.
July 16 742 Race. Wars Event. No Regular ESTA racing today.
July 22 & 23 10K Bracket Bash weekend. Plus No Box and Jr. race on Sunday.
July 30 Summit ET Series event.
Aug. 6 Summit ET Series event. Affordable Carpet Street Money Shootout
Aug. 13 Open test & Tune event.
Aug. 20 Summit ET Series event.
Aug. 27 Summit ET Series event. Jr. Dragster Challenge. Team ESTA point’s cut off day.
Sept. 3 Summit ET Series event. NHRA King of The Track.
Sept. 10 NYS Championship / All Access Challenge
Sept. 17 Open Test & Tune. Bracket finals weekend.
Sept. 24 Summit ET Series event. Syracuse vs. Buffalo Heads up race.
Oct. 1 Summit ET Series event. Stock / Super Stock race.
Oct. 8 Summit ET Series event.
Oct. 15 Summit ET Series event.
Oct 22 Open test & tune. $1000 to win Gamblers race?
Oct. 29 Open test & tune. Last event of the season.
Tentative 2017 Sched ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
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