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Didn't George Lopes run a blue 64 Galaxie? That's what I remember anyway. I recall George, & Arlie Brown with his marroon 67 or 68 Barracuda 340, & Nate Galey from out on Erie Blvd & his "Gold Rush" Camaro.
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Thanks, Eddie;
I called Tom & he said he didn't think he had anything, but he would look. He said he wasn't doing much before the "repave" of '71, so I might have been a tad before ghis time. I'm tryin' to get ahold of the Humphrey clan in Elbridge. They raced a 57 Chev Jr. Stocker called "Humpty Dumpty" back then. Those were the days when EVERY Chevy Jr. stocker had a "Bill May" 10000 RPM small block!

Thanks for gettin' back to me, & Later;
Old pictures
Category: Drag Race Banter
Hi, Y'All;
My name is Dusty Kyes, & "Back in the Day" 1968,69, & 70, I ran a hemi powered 68 Road Runner called "Blood Sweat & Torque" in SS/C & (1year) SS/D. Back then my "arch rivals" in class eliminations were John Accarino & his "Red Fox" Camaro, later called "My Revenge", & a fellow I can't remember the name of with a 67 427 Fairlane. For "Top Stock" eliminator, I usually ended up racin' Charlie "Squeak" Pullen's 66 427 Biscayne "Bronze Hog". Each of us had our share of wins.

I brought my car to the track in a converted school bus, & remember 1 day racin' another school bus hauler just for fun. I "think" I won, but ain't sure! In '69, I won the "Sportsmanship" award & went to Borio's for the banquet.

Anyhoo, what I'm REALLY lookin' for is some pictures of old "Blood Sweat & Torque" so my good friend Jack Kampney (who lettered the original car) can remember what style of letters (font?)he used back then. ALL my pictures from that era burned in a major fire @ my place back in '89, & the booze & partyin' have sort of "erased" the "clarity" in BOTH our memories! After 43 years of "abstinance" I've got myself ANOTHER hemi Super Stocker (65 Belvedere), & am HOPIN' to live long enuff to make a few passes in "Blood Sweat & Torque 2 (or Too)! So, if ANYBODY out there has a photo of my old Runner, PLEASE contact me @, or call me @ (800) 676-2178. Hell, I might even PAY Ya if Ya ask nice. Ifya can't reach me, holler @ my good buddy & close neighbor Mike "Mac" Brown (no relation to Arlie)! He can ALWAYS find me.

Thanks in advance for all your help;
Dusty "Blood Sweat & Torque" Kyes
Old pictures
Category: Drag Race Banter
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