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Price reduced! $8500. Such a deal!
'76 Dart for sale!
Mopar fans! The time has come for me to hang up my helmet!
Selling a ’76 Dart, turnkey.
- 440 engine, ported intake and Edelbrock (60929) heads. About 130 runs since last refresh.
- Solid roller cam (CompCam 23-362-5)
- Dominator carb
- 727 transmission
- TTI headers
- 8 ¾ rear end
- Dynamic Converter 11795-SP082K
- Modified upper and lower A-arms
- 28x11x15 tires, 4/10 gears
Runs mid 10’s, but would do better for someone with the time, patience and knowledge to get the best out of her.
Also selling a 2013 28’ Haulmark enclosed trailer (but not until the car goes!), model EGP85x25WT3
- 8 ½ ft wide, beavertail, tandem axel, bonded sidewalls (no rivets!), lower cabinets in front, rubber flooring
$18 for the package. Contact me for more information and/or pics.
'76 Dart for sale!
I agree that DRAG is a good forum for racers and management alike. Unfortunately, the past few years have seen a decline in attendance and participation. I have had ONE person ask me this year about meetings. As an officer of the organization (or, at least as of the last election), I suppose it would be my responsibility to keep things going, but I am not going to hold meetings just for the sake of old times (or for a night out at the bar). If there is a genuine desire to continue this worthwhile organization, I'm all for it. Perhaps a different meeting format (at the track during the season?) would make a difference. At any rate, there needs to be a bigger desire at the racer level to make these meetings worthwhile.
D.R.A.G. (Drag Racin ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Red open face HJC helmet, worn twice. Dated Sept 2012 DOT. Not Snell. Nothing wrong with it - I just can't use it for racing. I'll have it in my trailer if you want to see it. $60.
HJC open face helmet ...
Selling a perfectly good Scorpion black matte open face helmet. Medium, dated Jan 2012, DOT. It's used, but still in great shape. Not Snell, so I can't use it. I'll have it at the track if you want to see it. $40.
Helmet - black Scorp ...
First DRAG meeting of the year - 2 months late, and still we haven't raced yet !
Treasurer's Report - $625.95, with all bills paid. Nice to start the year in the black!
Big thank you to all the volunteers who have been showing up at the track to help get it ready for the season. Nice work!
Pete went over a couple changes for the year, including the run order (Street Trophy will switch with Bike/Sled Trophy, which will allow a bit more time for the Street racers to show up at the track). Also, there will be a new Youth class - kids 13-17 can race a street car with a parent in the car.
Discussion regarding the new Pro and Super time limits - see earlier posts on this site.
Chances of racing this weekend? Possible - end of the track is still under water, so it depends on how much rain we get this week. Most likely will be 1/8 mile if we do run.
Special notice of a special event in July - NHRA will be on site to highligh and televise (nationally!)the track. That will also be the Boob Race day.
Mention made that we need to start thinking about Bracket Finals - food, Captain, cheerleading, etc. Start thinking of people who might like to help out!
Elections - slate of officers from last year was re-elected for this year. Theo Lewis, Pres., April Martin, VP, Dick Garbus, Treasurer, and Kathy Barling, Sect. (she said Yes!)
Next meeting is June 2, Union Hotel
Hope to see you there! (and hope to see you at the track before then )

DRAG Meeting Minutes ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Bracket Finals info tonight at the DRAG meeting - in addition to getting your packets, you can:
- Pay for a team shirt ($15 to Chris Raineri - by order only - order as many as you want!)
- Pay for food ($10 per person to Theo for all breakfasts, lunches and dinners at the team temt)
- Pay for the chicken BBQ on Thursday - word has it racers are free, others are $10. See Robin.
- Give Robin a check for $75 for entry. Will be returned to you when you show up at Numedia.

All the above are optional, except the entry fee. I know it seems you ae being nickle-and-dimed to death, but really, not a bad deal for stuff you are likely to pay for anyway.

I'm sure Theo would welcome some tents/pop-ups and tables as well.

Plan to join us tonight, and spread the word! - taking care of all this next Sunday will be cutting it a bit short!

DRAG Meeting tonight ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
The May DRAG meeting was held last night - thanks to all who made it out on such a beautiful evening!
We got an update from track management regarding the status of the concrete - there is a possibility we could be on it by May 19. Check back to the home page as the date gets closer for more information.

The Jr. Dragsters will be combined into one class this year, and that class may be integrated into the regular program instead of being run early. Pete will be posting more about this. If you have an opinion (regarding the Jr. Dragster program) let him know.

The other item of note was elections. We have a new President! Congrats to Theodore Lewis, who will be taking over the helm of the organization! I'll be serving as VP - Secretary and Treasurer will remain the same - many thanks to Kathy Barling and Dick Garbus for their many years of fine service!

Next meeting will be June 3, Union Hotel, 7pm. Hopefully we'll have met up at the track by then and gotten a few runs in! Hope to see you there -

May DRAG Meeting hig ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
You are correct, Pete.
Also on the agenda will be ELECTIONS - for Pres, VP, Secretary and Treasurer.
Union Hotel, Bridgeport - 7 PM
Please join us for a complete update on schedule, track renovations, rules, and anything else that we want to talk about!
Contact me with any questions -
May 6th D.R.A.G meet ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Also, regular meetings during the racing season allow racers/fans/track management to air concerns, questions, suggestions, etc in a non-race environment, where discussion can occur among all interested parties.
Membership is $10/yr.
April DRAG Meeting - ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
President's job is not difficult.
Main responsibility is to run the monthly meetings. It's helpful to be able to distance yourself from discussions enough to allow differing points of view to be heard and guide a group to a consensus. For the most part the business takes care of itself.
Otherwise, there are occasionally issues that come up at the track related to DRAG that need action (50-50 seller doesn't show, someone wants to pay dues, membership questions, etc).
I also made it my mission to re-write the group's by-laws, and keep the organization in the black financially. A new president is welcome to take on other priorities and issues.
I'd be glad to discuss the position futher with any and all interested parties!
(hoping to) See you at the track (before August...!),
April DRAG Meeting - ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Thanks to the 3 people who joined me last month for the DRAG meeting - we had a nice chat among our selves but got NO BUSINESS DONE! Not that there is much. As the date for the next meeting fast approaches, I'm thinking there really is no reason for us to meet this month either. The track will not be open for business unitl at least May (if you don't know that by now, check out the home page!) and I don't know of any other items to cover. Except of course elections - we're still looking for someone to take over as President of this fine organization - I'll serve as VP if that helps, but really, some new blood would be terrific! Email/chat/call me if you know of someone, or if you're interested yourself.
Unless I hear differently, let's cancel the April DRAG Meeting, and shoot for MAY 6 as our next one.
Hoping to see everyone at the track - SOON!
April DRAG Meeting - ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
March is fast upon us, and that means:
1) Time to start the winter engine refresh,
2) NHRA on Sundays,

The first meeting of the 2013 race season is scheduled for next Monday, March 4, at the Union Hotel in Bridgeport. For those of you not at the Driver's Meeting yesterday, it'll be a chance to catch up with fellow racers and find out what's been going on these last cold, dark winter months.
It is also, according to our by-laws, the time for elections. Anyone interested in running for any of the offices (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), feel free to contact me or another officer for details. It really is time for some fresh leadership! It's a relatively easy way to give back to the sport we all enjoy (most days )
Hope to see you there -
DRAG Meeting next we ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
Looking for a volunteer to sell some tickets at the snowmobile races this Sunday - we could get a jump on fundraising for the year! Even if somebody only wanted to spend a couple hours, it would be worth something. Theo was handling the 50/50 last season....
50/50 Raffle for DRA ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
I'm thinking we should cancel the November DRAG meeting - I know of no business to discuss other than money (we still need to reimburse Jr's). If anyone has any other thoughts, let me know - otherwise I think the banquet will be the next event.....
November DRAG meetin ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
send me your e-mail -
I'll send pics.
383 for sale
30 over
Forged TRW pistons
906 heads
New valves
509 hydrolic cam (Chrysler)
8 qt oil pan
½” oil pickup
Oil main reworked
Steel crank
Shop peened reconditioned rods, good rod bolts
New valve springs
Holley Street Dominator intake

Approximately 80 runs on this engine. Ran fine, just looking to get something bigger.
Asking $1250.
383 for sale
Looking around for an electric golf cart for work - needs to be in pretty decent shape.
Looking for a Golf C ...
Category: Trucks & Trailers
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