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TOPIC: Old pictures

Old pictures 5 years, 2 months ago #2881

Hi, Y'All;
My name is Dusty Kyes, & "Back in the Day" 1968,69, & 70, I ran a hemi powered 68 Road Runner called "Blood Sweat & Torque" in SS/C & (1year) SS/D. Back then my "arch rivals" in class eliminations were John Accarino & his "Red Fox" Camaro, later called "My Revenge", & a fellow I can't remember the name of with a 67 427 Fairlane. For "Top Stock" eliminator, I usually ended up racin' Charlie "Squeak" Pullen's 66 427 Biscayne "Bronze Hog". Each of us had our share of wins.

I brought my car to the track in a converted school bus, & remember 1 day racin' another school bus hauler just for fun. I "think" I won, but ain't sure! In '69, I won the "Sportsmanship" award & went to Borio's for the banquet.

Anyhoo, what I'm REALLY lookin' for is some pictures of old "Blood Sweat & Torque" so my good friend Jack Kampney (who lettered the original car) can remember what style of letters (font?)he used back then. ALL my pictures from that era burned in a major fire @ my place back in '89, & the booze & partyin' have sort of "erased" the "clarity" in BOTH our memories! After 43 years of "abstinance" I've got myself ANOTHER hemi Super Stocker (65 Belvedere), & am HOPIN' to live long enuff to make a few passes in "Blood Sweat & Torque 2 (or Too)! So, if ANYBODY out there has a photo of my old Runner, PLEASE contact me @, or call me @ (800) 676-2178. Hell, I might even PAY Ya if Ya ask nice. Ifya can't reach me, holler @ my good buddy & close neighbor Mike "Mac" Brown (no relation to Arlie)! He can ALWAYS find me.

Thanks in advance for all your help;
Dusty "Blood Sweat & Torque" Kyes

Re: Old pictures 5 years, 2 months ago #2890

If anyone is gonna have pics of that it would be Tom loughlin. 315-734-5612
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Re: Old pictures 5 years, 2 months ago #2891

Thanks, Eddie;
I called Tom & he said he didn't think he had anything, but he would look. He said he wasn't doing much before the "repave" of '71, so I might have been a tad before ghis time. I'm tryin' to get ahold of the Humphrey clan in Elbridge. They raced a 57 Chev Jr. Stocker called "Humpty Dumpty" back then. Those were the days when EVERY Chevy Jr. stocker had a "Bill May" 10000 RPM small block!

Thanks for gettin' back to me, & Later;

Re: Old pictures 5 years, 2 months ago #2937

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Pretty sure the '67 Ford was George Lopes....

Re: Old pictures 5 years, 2 months ago #2939

Didn't George Lopes run a blue 64 Galaxie? That's what I remember anyway. I recall George, & Arlie Brown with his marroon 67 or 68 Barracuda 340, & Nate Galey from out on Erie Blvd & his "Gold Rush" Camaro.

Re: Old pictures 4 years, 3 months ago #3905

George did race a 64 ford 427 side oiler it was blue and also his wife's black 427.I remember his 427 straight axle Maverick that was wild.For a short time he had a factory orig. Thunder Bolt.Do not think he ever raced it though, heard he sold it for like $ 15k with 2 427 side oilers WOW what that is worth today . Going into his basement was like a ford racing museum full of rare parts.
.He is still around works in Liverpool for Fisher Construction Co. Has been there forever

Re: Old pictures 4 years, 3 months ago #3907

Im pretty sure he retired.

Re: Old pictures 4 years, 3 months ago #3912

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Had breakfast with George a while back....

Re: Old pictures 4 years, 3 months ago #3950

I've been doing some online research of the Thunderbolt George owned back in the 70's. was originally the Collins Ford car out of Ogdensburg New York Driven by Morris Lee. In the 80's It received. In one of the Ford magazine articles a full restoration. His changed hands many times since last known to be in Massachusetts.
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