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TOPIC: April DRAG Meeting - ??

April DRAG Meeting - ?? 1 year ago #2743

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Thanks to the 3 people who joined me last month for the DRAG meeting - we had a nice chat among our selves but got NO BUSINESS DONE! Not that there is much. As the date for the next meeting fast approaches, I'm thinking there really is no reason for us to meet this month either. The track will not be open for business unitl at least May (if you don't know that by now, check out the home page!) and I don't know of any other items to cover. Except of course elections - we're still looking for someone to take over as President of this fine organization - I'll serve as VP if that helps, but really, some new blood would be terrific! Email/chat/call me if you know of someone, or if you're interested yourself.
Unless I hear differently, let's cancel the April DRAG Meeting, and shoot for MAY 6 as our next one.
Hoping to see everyone at the track - SOON!

Re: April DRAG Meeting - ?? 1 year ago #2748

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I want to be President..... Seriously

Re: April DRAG Meeting - ?? 1 year ago #2749

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What exactley does the President do?

Re: April DRAG Meeting - ?? 1 year ago #2750

Run the meetings. It follows Roberts Rules of Order, which is essentially the same format every club uses. Its pretty casual. If there is uncontrolled debate, the Pres reels it in and establishes order. April has done an outstanding job and should be applauded for her efforts. As every other officer. The VP stands in for the Pres, should they not be able to attend.

DRAG needs new blood. The old blood is getting tired of running with the ball. They stepped up when the club needed it. They have done their tour of duty and some could use a well deserved break. Take Dick Garbus & Kathy Barley for instance. I cant tell you how long they have been doing it. They do a great job. They work for YOU. DRAG is for ALL racers. There is no clique. Its a great organization when many people participate. DRAG was formed to coordinate things like the bracket finals and bring up issues to resolve that should be brought up when cooler heads prevail , rather than at the racetrack when stress levels are thru the roof. The meetings have been "slow" at best. Fortunately, that means the track is going in the right direction. There havent been too many issues that need adressing lately. When they are brought up, Management listens and tries to address the problem. There are some issues, like weather, thats just not doable. LOL.

Positions available :
50/50 chair
Team Captain at Brackets - organizes the shirts, food, Team Spirit
Bracket Finals Shirt commitee
B/F food committee
B/F Team Spirit/decorating
And something

This is all for you and your fellow racers. If no one stands up to help, it wont get done. Theo & Ted did an awesome job on the food last year. THEO WAS OUT with a blown motor after his first time trial, and still stayed the weekend to be sure his team was well fed. He also did the 50/50 last year. THAT is the type of participation/dedication the team desparately needs. So I urge anyone interested to take the challenge and give it a whirl. The only way you fail, is if you dont try. Keep DRAG alive.

Re: April DRAG Meeting - ?? 1 year ago #2751

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President's job is not difficult.
Main responsibility is to run the monthly meetings. It's helpful to be able to distance yourself from discussions enough to allow differing points of view to be heard and guide a group to a consensus. For the most part the business takes care of itself.
Otherwise, there are occasionally issues that come up at the track related to DRAG that need action (50-50 seller doesn't show, someone wants to pay dues, membership questions, etc).
I also made it my mission to re-write the group's by-laws, and keep the organization in the black financially. A new president is welcome to take on other priorities and issues.
I'd be glad to discuss the position futher with any and all interested parties!
(hoping to) See you at the track (before August...!),

Re: April DRAG Meeting - ?? 1 year ago #2752

Hi Everyone,
I am new to ESTA being a regular at Spencer Speedway. What is this DRAG orginization you are refering too. Is it open to anyone to join.

Re: April DRAG Meeting - ?? 1 year ago #2753

Anyone can join.

DRAG pays its members way to the bracket finals if they are elligible. (Provided theres enough cash in the kitty.) The 50/50s help fund the bracket final entries.

Re: April DRAG Meeting - ?? 1 year ago #2754

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Also, regular meetings during the racing season allow racers/fans/track management to air concerns, questions, suggestions, etc in a non-race environment, where discussion can occur among all interested parties.
Membership is $10/yr.

Re: April DRAG Meeting - ?? 1 year ago #2755

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Boy, I say I want to be president then this becomes a hot topic....
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