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TOPIC: Klaus..Dieroff

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 6 months ago #2522

Sunday 11/25..... A.M...
Klaus doing ok, still very tired and no energy, still anemic.
He is losing between 1 and 2 lbs per day....since his surgery(Oct 22nd) he has lost 50 Lbs.
The nurse is here from St Camillus home care every other day to change the vacuum seal, and his incision is healing up and looking better, but still a way to go...the physical therpist is here 2 to 3 times a week, but he is so exausted after thier sessions all he does is nap. This week no doctors, but next week he goes for blood work and then another day sees his surgeon for post op check up. We'll know more then, what more is happening.
He can have visitors here at home...if anyone wants to come over...just call first to be sure he isn't in the middle of the nurse or therapy...
Til next update...
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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 6 months ago #2536

Klaus made some more progress today....we got rid of the vacuum was no longer paying for it and I was not paying the $200 per keep now a nurse will be coming daily and changing the regular wound dressing....and it is healing up better. Maybe in another week or so...I'll be booting them all out of my house. I can change a bandage and he doesn't need the physical therapist just to watch him walk and bend his legs... Klaus is getting a bit stronger ...he's made it up and down the 13 steps to the basement and back. He's far from being ready for the olympics yet....but I think better each day.
He feels better tonight , now that the belly vac is gone and he's able to move about easier. He is still losing 1-2 lbs per day...even though he's eating and drinking....
Blood work on Monday and Dr. next Wed...and we'll no more then...
Thanks for all the support and prayers still coming our way Its much appreciated
Til next update
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 6 months ago #2539

  • hstrong
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good to hear he's doing better

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 6 months ago #2548

5:30 pm
Saw Klaus' surgeon today for post op visit...All signs are moving in a positive direction right now...Had lab work done on Monday and all his levels are in good range. The Dr. was thrilled to see Klaus....and said "hey man" its great to see look terrific, a little anemic still but wow....big improvement from the first time we met, and gave him a fist "bump" (not a hand shake) but close.
He did say with all thats happened, and the seriousness of the surgery, he is lucky to still be here one more day, and who knows what 6 weeks or 6 months down the line will bring.
Doctor says we can get rid of the physical therapist,
and he can drive, he can eat what he whatever he wants within reason.
We are not having a full body scan right now, he doesn't think its needed. He goes back the first week of Feb. and will have labs and chest xray and ct scan then, and follow up with him again.
Now we just need to get the 5" x 1" wound closed up and get him a bit stronger...and he'll be back to his old self in no time.
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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 6 months ago #2549

That is such great news Klaus and Pat, thanks for sharing!!!

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 6 months ago #2578

sorry I've been slacking on the updates...I've just been very busy, now that he's home...
Klaus doing much better for now....No more Nurses..I get to play nurse...and change his bandages twice a day...He is able to drive, he actually drove to his work today and said hello, and turned in some paperwork...His stats are all in normal range, he is just still very tired. He may get to go back to work in a few weeks. He still needs to get his strength back more. He's still anemic...He's lost approx. 50lbs since Oct 22...

He goes back in see his Surgeon, but until then...its still one day at a time...
Thank you all for all your wishes and prayers
and If I don't update again until after the holidays,
We wish you and yours all a Safe, Healthy and Happy Holiday
Klaus and Pat
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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 6 months ago #2581

Merry Christmas to you both .. things appear to be looking up! Here's to a quieter 2013
Natalie and Lee Dodson

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 5 months ago #2586

Its been a quiet couple of weeks, Klaus is very slowly coming along. His incision is healing extremely slowly due to his Diabetes and the blood thinner he is on, and he is still very weak and anemic, but he's with me one more day ...and for that I'm greatful...
He went to the wound care clinic last week, and all they did was repack the incision and tell him to come back in two weeks. They had poked and probed him so much that , that night when I changed his dressing, his stomach gushed blood like he'd been cut open with a sword, It was the scarriest thing I've seen in a while, and I was worried it would not stop, due to the blood thinner. But it did after a while, and he seems to be healing again. He is changing primary care doctors, and we have requested his records be sent to the new doctor. He will see him on January 3rd. He goes back the first week in Feb. to have all the scans and blood tests done again and see his surgeon, to see where we stand now....

Christmas came and went uneventfully,(even the end of the world didn't happen) and we enjoyed getting with the grandchildren and the rest of the family...
and I am hoping we start the new Year the same...

Whom ever ordered all this snow, can come and clean my 125 feet of sidewalks and my driveway
I've had my first attempt at using a snowblower ...and THAT was interesting...and my arms are ready to fall off...and I missed a day of work, cause the city doesn't plow our street until 2:00 in the afternoon and I can't get out.....

We've had our White Christmas can stop anytime now

Til next update...
Klaus and I wish you and all of yours a Wonderful Healthy, Happy and Safe New Year...Pat
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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 5 months ago #2590

Update 1/7/13
Klaus still very weak and tired. No energy at all, no appetite...he has lost 67 lbs as of his surgery on Oct 22, and over 100 lbs since a year ago...
He has gone to a new primary care DR. and had more tests run...
His latest blood work shows his red-blood count very low again...and white blood count very high.
Other tests show high levels, where they shouldn't be....all of these changes in just 3 weeks from the time he saw his surgeon for follow up when things were all in a normal range til now and everything once again out -of-whack.
He saw his cardiologist today and the Dr. had him stop taking the blood pressure meds ...His blood pressure is very low and has been for a few weeks now, running around 80/58 or so... The Dr thinks because he's lost so much weight he no longer needs to take the meds.
He goes to the wound care clinic again tomorrow and will have tests done to see how the incision is healing, which it isn't , because there is an infection. His new primary Dr. put him on antibiotics for that...and it seems to be helping a little.
And hes set to see the Nefrologist (kidney Dr. ) next see why all of his blood work is out of control again...
Asking for your continued prayers,
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 5 months ago #2591

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Sorry to hear about the setback, we'll keep praying for the both of you.

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 5 months ago #2592

  • Halzman
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I pray that there will be a turn around with this.Dont know Klaus but I have seen this first hand with my Dad.Keep fighting Klaus!!

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 4 months ago #2645


Klaus doing better daily (he even had the Camino out in the driveway for a bit a week or so ago) ...we're off to the surgeons tomorrow for 3 month follow up...he'll have CT scan and lab tests before seeing the Dr. to see if there is any more cancer lingering...
We'll know more tomorrow night..
He has lost so much weight (over 70 lbs since his surgery in Oct) and over 100 lbs since a year ago...that the meds he was taking he was overdosing on...He was on 12 d...own to only 3 and 2 vitamins...
His appetite is back and his blood pressure and diabetes are under control....his blood count is still way off for his kidney function....The kidney Dr. says the remaining kidney is functioning at approx 40%...and it may never get any better...or it could, it just takes more time.
The biggest issue was the incision which was 45" long from one side of him to the other...when they pulled the staples it opened have all heard the story about the vacuum pump....well he is seeing the wound care clinic once a week and he had 4 places where the incision was not closed...we are now down to 1 spot which is approx 1" wide and 2 1/2" deep...I am still changing the packing and bandages twice a day...and he is starting to complain more , so I know its healing and he is getting feeling back. (the wound care clinic uses lanacaine to feeze it so he doens't feel anything....I don't get that option....I just get yelled at when I poke to hard)...*LOL* He may be back to work soon...just waiting this last wound to heal and Dr's release.
Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers.
I'll update after the Dr's tomorrow...Pat
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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 4 months ago #2652


Hello, tonights update...

Spent 4 hours at the Dr.s..Klaus had blood work done 1st, then a CT scan...then saw the surgeon. There are 2 lymph nodes under his right arm, that are on the right chest wall, they were enlarged before his surgery, but now they have grown larger. The Dr. says he does not want to start any aggressive treatment because Klaus is just starting to get stronger and he does not want to set him back....They are just going to watch it for now, he dosn't think 2 months will make much difference and we will go back in 2 months again for a full chest xray, ct scan and bone scan, labs etc....The biggest thing is there is a new spot on his back right shoulder blade that is concerning the Dr. He thinks maybe the cancer is trying to get into the bone there...but again he is going to wait 2 months and then see what the test show.

Klaus' incision is almost healed and will be closed soon, the Dr was pleased with that...andf he gave Klaus his permission to return to work fully with no restrictions...Klaus will see the wound care Dr next Tues and the primary Dr next Wed. and hopefyully he can get a full release from them and he can get back to work...

Now its a wait and see game...
Please keep saying prayers...

Til next time
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 3 months ago #2695

WED 2/27/13
Klaus has been back to different Dr's for different tests. They have found 3 more spots they are believing cancerous. 2 lymph nodes under his right arm on his chest wall which were enlarged before his surgery , but now have grown larger and a new spot on his right shoulder blade. The Dr. says he will run more scans and tests in a few weeks (they have not been set up yet) he says he will see Klaus again after that to see where we go from here. He has been released by all Dr's to be able to go back to work, and he will go back this coming Monday, for part of the day to see how well he can do. He will work up to full time as he's able.
His incision from the surgery has not completely closed yet, there is one stubborn spot that is about as big around as my little finger and about 1-2 inches deep and does not stop bleeding. We think its because they have increased his blood thinner (Coumadin) combined with the diabetes, its just taking forever. The new primary doctor actually mentioned taking him off the coumadin, and then increased the dosage , and increased it again today...I have written to the Dr. requesting to know why. I will let you know more as we know. All prayers and good wishes are very much appreciated. Thank you all...Pat
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 3 months ago #2700

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...still pullin' for both of ya's,Pat.
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