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TOPIC: Klaus..Dieroff

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2384

  • Chrissy
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So sorry to hear this......Prayers for a quick and full recovery, from the Klein Family

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2385

  • chevord
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Get well soon Klaus

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2386

  • HHFab
  • Street Racer
  • Posts: 15
Pat, best wishes from the Bedell's and the Bassett's.

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2387

Klaus, hurry up and get well soon. You still have time to make your time trial before elims start!

Take care of yourself buddy...

Extreme Exposures

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2389

Very sad to hear this Pat - please let him know he's in our thoughts and prayers here, and get better soon!

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2390

stand strong and fight are in our prayers...get well quick....sundayfunmoney and family...

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2391

10:00 pm....another slight set back today for klaus...
After last night's episode and his BP & heart rate up and down, they have had him very heavily sedated all day
to keep him calm, and keep his heart rate and BP in control.
His enzyme's have changed a bit and he has a slight fever tonight. I spoke to his Surgeon who is saying, after the episode last night, he does NOT think he has had a heart attack or clot move, but can't rule it out ...and I spoke to the cardiologist who says he might have had a mild heart attack, and he is leaning that direction.
They can't check because they would need to use the dye in the veins for the scan and they can't risk damaging the "good" kidney. They are watching closely. They are filling him with tremendous amounts of fluid hoping his "good" kidney will start functioning better, and then his rates will come into normal range. He has been in bed since Monday and that is making all the excess fluid go into his lungs, but they are more concerned to get the one kidney and heart under control and they'll will worry abut the lungs later.
If all goes well tonight the Dr. will hopfully try and take the breathing tube out again tomorrow.

Its all medication right now...I left the hospital a bit earlier tonight as he was just sleeping , and did not know I was there, and I'm exhausted...going off to bed now...
Thank you all again for all your Love and prayers and support, please keep praying
I will update again tomorrow
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2392

I called the hospital this morning around 6am. and his nurse said his heart rate was a bit better, his BP is actually a bit low, but better low than high. They have taken him off his epidural for now (that was in his back to relieve pain, because they think that might be causing the high BP) and he was somewhat uncomforable, and they have lowered his sedation so he is slowly coming awake...they will watch his Bp and heart rate and give him sedation again as needed, and hopefully keep his heart rate under control.
I will call the hospital again mid morning and see how he is doing and see him again tonight.
Thank you for all the good wishes, and prayers,
he is long way from being out of the woods yet.
Please Keep praying...
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2393

Thoughts and prayers going out to both of you from Superg and the crew,Please get well very soon.stay positive and keep pushing forward!!

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2394

  • 149hall
  • Mechanic
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Stay hopeful and positive. all payers are with your family

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2395

8 p.m. I have been at the hospital since noon...another setback today.
Klaus did NOT have a heart attack, or a far as the D.R's can tell, but
his BP is all over the place and he is in a tremendous amount of pain when they
reduce his sedation to the point of his BP and heart rate out of control.
He has been sedated and out of it again all day. He did not know I was there.
Still on the ventilator to breath.
He may have a clot now, and fluid build up in his lungs, and the remaining kidney is not working.
They are still pumping him full of fluids hoping to "jump start" the kidney, but he is
at the point where even that will not work. The next step would be to possibly put "
him on temporary dialysis...possibly a few days, a week , two weeks the D.R. said.

Again thank you for all the good wishes and prayers
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2396

  • ratssass
  • Bounty Hunter
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Stay strong,Pat....we're all behind you...

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2397

  • ron
  • No Time 2 Race
  • Posts: 284
he is probably the most friendly and lovable guy at esta , big hart , i didnt like his prognosis you said they gave him , sorry , 8 month's as is , operate 25% to live 5 years ? i work with people they have said that to that are past 20 years after being told one ??? alot of it is mental , a dr. has no way of knowing how long after the cancer is removed , go back every 6 months and deal if their is an issue , deal with it , what i see people doing , that prognosis would be a hell of a shock to anyone , treating the mind is as important as treating the body. some docs although excellent , couldnt find bed side manner if it fell in their lap
find a positive doc to perc him up

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2398

Please tell Klaus that we are thinking of him and to get well soon.

your street friends,

David and Diane Ashby

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 2 years ago #2399

  • zeesbluz
  • Bounty Hunter
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Hang in there Buddy! GWS!!!

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