Summit E.T. Racing Series - July 17th

Steve English Winner Circle

Ron LaRose's .002 Package Nets Super Pro Win

July 17 - We returned to our regularly scheduled programming yesterday that included the Pro Showdown and Street Bike Challenge from the rained out July 10 event, plus the scheduled Street Showdown event. Steve English deservedly receives the spotlight today as he methodically picked off opponents in three classes to score the Pro Showdown, Street Showdown and Street Trophy wins on Sunday! Who knows? The Street Bike Challenge might have been up for grabs as well had someone loaned him their ride! He was a roll! Here's how the final rounds shook out and the boxscores below.

Ron LaRose - Super Pro

Super Pro
In anticipation of next week's Twin 10K's the Super Pro gang decided to run the 1/8 mile format today and it was Ron LaRose in his dragster defeating Josh Speck in his dragster. Ron had a .001 reaction time and ran right on his 4.67 dial with a 4.671 at 148.54 mph. Josh left the red light glowing in his lane and shut off. Tom Belvick and Tom Doig were the semifinalists.

Steve English got his first of three wins today in Pro when he stopped Mark Dobie in his '658 Nova. Steve held the starting line advantage .049 to .118 and he ran right on his 12.53 dial with an impressive 12.537 at 106.63 mph winning pass. Mark ran under his 10.18 dial with a 10.153 at 131.51 mph. Steve won $1,000 plus the "Tree" trophy for the Pro Showdown win. Bob Mayers lasted until the semis.

Brian Moulton - Pro MX

Pro MX
Pro MX saw Brian Moulton on his '76 Kawasaki defeat Ryan Orizino on his '96 Arctic Cat. Brian had a .087 light and ran a 9.937 at 123.62 mph on his 9.92 dial. Ryan fouled with a -.006, but he legged it out to a 10.523 at 123.60 mph run on his 10.51. Skip Tamburino and Kevin Wuest were the semifinalists.

Street Money
Steve English struck again when he drove his '82 Cutlass the Street Showdown win pocketing another $500 plus another "Tree" trophy. His final round opponent Clarence Spadey in his '99 Toyota should have won this one as he held a .067 to .139 starting line advantage, but he ran under his 17.85 dial-in with a 17.785 at 76.38 mph allowing Steve's less offensive 12.488 at 109.53 mph run on his 12.53 take the win. Bill Coon was the semifinalist.

David Miller took the Modified win in his '84 Chevy defeating Marietta Derfuss in her '84 Pontiac. Dave had a .054 light and ran a 10.707 at 114.99 mph on his 10.55 dial. Marietta had an .089 light and settled for the runner spot with her off the mark 12.780 at 103.96 mph run on her 12.60 dial-in. Dave Hubbard and Jim Richardson were the semifinalists.

Street Trophy
In Street Trophy Steve English scored the "Tri-fecta" by winning the Street Trophy class defeating Mark Fortino in his '98 Chevy. Steve capped off his day with a .084 light and running a 12.561 at 100.89 mph on his 12.53. Mark had a .207 light and ran a 12.42 at 115.29 mph on his 12.30 dial for the runner-up spot. Brian Mahler and Steve Seelman made it to the semifinal round.

Slaven Peric - Bike/Sled Trophy

Bike/Sled Trophy
Slaven Peric rode his '13 Kawasaki to the Bike/Sled Trophy class win stopping Kevin Wuest on his '97 Polaris. Slaven held a .020 to .138 advantage at the tree and sped off to a winning 9.108 at a booming 143.71 mph run on his 9.05 dial. Kevin settled for the runner-up spot with a dial-in matching 10.58 at 117.74 mph run. Lisa Phelps and Jeff Strickler were the semifinalists.

Jazmyne Short - Jr. Dragster

Jr. Dragster
Jazmyne Short won again in the Jr. Dragster class stopping recent winner Jimmy O'Toole. "Jazzy" was dialed in at 9.32 and she ran a 9.382 at 68.90 mph to defeat Jimmy who fouled. Jimmy was -.057 at the tree and ran under his 8.97 with an 8.944 at 71.87 mph. Alexis Collins was the semifinalist.

Matt Luke - Street Bike Challenge

Street Bike Challenge
In the special Street Bike Challenge it was Matt Luke on his '15 Suzuki taking on Tim Stanley who was riding his '11 Suzuki. Both of these bikes are wicked fast and Matt won it with a .114-initiated, 8.960 at 146.98 mph on his 8.92 dial-in. Tim was right there settling for the runner up spot with his .125-initiated, 9.403 at 145.14 mph on his 9.33 dial. Slaven Peric and Steve Stone lost in the semis.

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.
Winner Circle photos by Vicki Hopper


Super Pro

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Ron LaRose Dragster .001 4.671, 148.54 4.67
R-Up Josh Speck Dragster - .097
Shut off 4.53
Semis Tom Belvick
Tom Doig


  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve English '82 Cutlass .049 12.537, 106.63 12.53
R-Up Mark Dobie '68 Nova .118 10.153, 131.51 10.18
Semis Bob Mayers

Pro MX

  Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Brian Moulton '76 Kawasaki .087 9.937, 123.62 9.92
R-Up Ryan Orizino '96 Arctic Cat - .006 10.523, 123.60 10.51
Semis Kevin Wuest
Skip Tamburino

Street Money

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve English '82 Cutlass .139 12.488, 109.53 12.53
R-Up Clarence Spadey '99 Toyota .067 17.785, 76.38 17.85
Semis Bill Coon


Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win David Miller '84 Chevy .054 10.707, 114.99 10.55
R-Up Marietta Derfuss '84 Pontiac .089 12.780, 103.96 12.60
Semis Dave Hubbard
Jim Richardson

Street Trophy

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve English '82 Cutlass .084 12.561, 100.89 12.53
R-Up Mark Fortino '98 Chevy .207 12.429, 115.29 12.30
Semis Brian Mahler
Steve Seelman Jr.

Bike/Sled Trophy

Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Slaven Peric '13 Kawasaki .020 9.108, 143.71 9.05
R-Up Kevin Wuest '97 Polaris .138 10.589, 117.74 10.58
Semis Lisa Phelps
Jeff Strickler

Jr. Dragster

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Jazmyne Short Jr. Dragster .167 9.382, 68.90 9.32
R-Up Jimmy O'Toole Jr. Dragster - .057 8.944, 71.87 8.97
Semis Alexis Collins

Street Bike Challenge

Driver Make R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Matt Luke '15 Suzuki .114 8.960, 146.98 8.92
R-Up Tim Stanley '11 Suzuki .125 9.403, 145.14 9.33
Semis Slaven Peric
Steve Stone

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