Bill Lake Homes Twin 10K Bracket Weekend - July 23-24

Denmark & Doss Score 10K Wins in 2016 Twin 10K Bracket Bash Weekend

Twin 10K Winners Denmark & Doss

July 23-24 - Some of the top "big-money" bounty hunters from the northeast and Canada converged on the ESTA quarter-mile to stake their claim for one of the two $10K-to-Win paychecks, and it is now in the history books as ESTA completed the richest event in track history. The 2-day Bill Lake Homes Twin 10K Bracket Bash presented by Seaboard Graphics saw some outstanding driving and Russ Denmark and Steve Doss walk away with some serious coin in their pockets!

Russ Denmark - Sat 10K Winner

Bill Lake Homes 10K Bracket Bash - Day 1
Russ Denmark won the big check round over Frank Angers in our first 10K Final of the weekend. Russ had a .024 light and ran right on his 4.58 dial with a 4.586 at 150.40 mph. Frank had a better .012 light, but ran off his 4.48 dial with a 4.513 at 149.43 mph. Mark Talmadge lost to Russ in the semi’s.

Joel Lapierre - High Rollers Door Winner

High Rollers Door
Joel Lapierre beat Matt Spisak in the High Roller Door Car final round using a .015 to .036 starting line advantage to his favor and ran a 6.45 at 103.71 mph on his 6.43 dial to cover Matt’s right on the dial 5.16 at 133.48 mph runner-up pass. Jeremy Popple lost in the semi’s.

Marco Abruzzi - High Rollers Dragster Winner

High Rollers Dragster
In the High Roller Dragster final round it was 2015 NHRA Top Dragster World Champ Marco Abruzzi defeating a red lighting Russ Adams. Russ went  -.002 red and shut off, while Marco put together a stout final round package with a .003 light and running 4.658 at 148.07 mph on his 4.65 dial. Frank Mark Jr. and John Bochon were the semifinalists. It was a great first day of racing and day 2 looks to be just as exciting.

Steve Doss - Sunday 10K Winner

Bill Lake Homes 10K Bracket Bash - Day 2
Steve Doss
got back into his former dragster currently owned by Dee Lewis and took it all the way to the win by stopping Russ Adams from Ottawa, Canada in his dragster. Steve was .007 at the tree and ran a 4.821 at 140.50 mph on his 4.81 dial to take home the 10 Grand winner's check. Russ had to settle for his second runner up of the weekend with a .014-initiated, 4.768 at 142.70 mph break out pass run on his 4.78 prediction. Bob Belvick and Mark Earnest lost in the semi's.

Bob Mayers - No-Box Winner

No-Box 1K Shootout
Bob Mayers driving his '27 Roadster scored in the No Box race stopping Reid Ricketson in the final round. Bob had a .026 light and nailed his 6.06 dial-in with a right on 6.063 at 109.70 mph to take home the nice $1,000 payday. Reid had an equally decent .026 light, but ran slightly off his 7.17 dial with a 7.196 at 93.10 mph runner-up pass and settle for the $400 runner up money. Terry Lee and Ray Thurston III were the semifinalists.

Frank Angers - Abruzzi Challenge Winner

Abruzzi Challenge
Frank Angers won the Abruzzi Challenge over Tim Roberts. Frank dialed in at a 4.47 and had a near-perfect .001 light and ran a 4.480 at 157.70 mph in his Procharger dragster, while Tim was .028 at the tree and ran right on his 5.55 dial with a 5.556 at 123.00 mph for the runner-up effort. Tom Belvick and Dean Olschewske were the semifinalists.

Ron Klein Jr. - Jr. Dragster

Jr. Dragster
We also had a Jr. Dragster race today which was sponsored by Mike Hills of Vertical Technologies and it was Ron Klein Jr. making his way into the winners circle stopping Daniel Thorpe in the money round. Ron had a .067 to .152 advantage at the start and he won it with a 7.958 at 77.50 mph on his 7.90 dial. Danny matched his 8.93 dial with an 8.930 at 72.20 mph runner up effort. Natalie Musolino lost to Ron in the semi's.

Thanks to the following associate sponsors: Abruzzi Transmissions & Converters, FX Caprara, Jim Bersani Enterprises, Todd's Extreme Paint, Liverpool Litho, Moroso, and Mickey Thompson.

Bryan Epps photos

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.


Bill Lake Homes 10K Bracket Bash - Day 1

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Russ Denmark Dragster .024 4.586, 150.40 4.58
R-Up Frank Angers Dragster .012 4.513, 149.43 4.48
Semis Mark Talmadge

High Rollers Door

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Joel Lapierre S-10 .015 6.45, 103.71 6.43
R-Up Matt Spisak na .036 5.16, 133.48 5.16
Semis Jeremy Popple

High Rollers Dragster

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Marco Abruzzi Dragster .003 4.658, 148.07 4.65
R-Up Russ Adams Dragster - .002 Shut Off na
Semis Frank Mark Jr.
John Bochon

Bill Lake Homes 10K Bracket Bash - Day 2

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve Doss Dragster .007 4.821, 140.50 4.81
R-Up Russ Adams Dragster .014 4.768, 142.70 4.78
Semis Bob Belvick

No-Box 1K Shootout

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Bob Mayers '27-T Ford .026 6.063, 109.70 6.06
R-Up Reid Ricketson na .026 7.196, 93.10 7.17
Semis na

Abruzzi Challenge

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Frank Angers Dragster .001 4.480, 157.70 4.47
R-Up Tim Roberts Dragster .028 5.556, 123.00 5.55
Semis na

Jr. Dragster

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Ron Klein Jr. Mike Bos .067 7.958, 77.50 7.90
R-Up Daniel Thorpe Jr. Dragster .152 8.930, 72.20 8.93
Semis Natalie Musolino

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