Summit E.T. Racing Series - August 27

Jr. Dragster Challenge Winners

Musolinos Celebrate Father/Daughter Wins
Howard Roberts 3-Peats in Street Money

August 27 - The Dog Days of Summer really haven't materialized much in 2017, but temperatures in the 70s make for perfect NHRA drag racing at ESTA. The father/daughter team of Vince and Natalie Musolino have enjoyed a family winner circle photo op in the past, and on Sunday they had the great fortune to share the winner circle again as Vince scored the Super Pro win and Natalie reigned in Jr. Dragster. Here's how the final rounds shook out and the boxscores below.

Vince Musolino - Super Pro Winner

Super Pro
Vince Musolino gained a .006 reaction time advantage over Howie Smith and parlayed it into the Super Pro win. Dialed in at a 7.09, Vince chased Howie down and stopped the clock at a 7.115 at 176.38 mph, while Howie tripped the timers at 7.919 on his 7.90 dial-in, good for a .008 MOV win for Vince. Mike LaRose was the lone semifinalist.

Al Meier - Pro Winner

Al Meier caught the final round break of the day when Don Austin didn't hit the brakes hard enough at top end and broke out after gaining a massive .025 to .114 starting line advantage. Dialing in at a 10.15, Don took too much win stripe and broke out with a 10.106 at 128.93 mph. Al was charging hard in his '82 Camaro and stopped the clocks at a 9.913 at 133.08 mph on his 9.87 dial to score the Pro win. Rob Forbes was the semifinalist.

Heath Smith - Pro MX Winner

Pro MX
Pro MX action saw Heath Smith return to the Pro MX Winner Circle with a tight .014 MOV win over Derek Eastman. Derek gained a slight .002 R.T. advantage, but ran further off his dial-in to let Heath slip past with a 8.789 E.T. on his 8.75 dial-in for the win. Derek dialed in with a 10.62 and ran a solid 10.675 at 115.75 mph pass in his runner-up effort. Dennis Boston and Dan Kirkby were the semifinalists.

Howard Roberts - Street Money Winner

Street Money
He did it again! "Mr. August" Howard Roberts drove his '84 Firebird to the Street Money Three-peat which was preceeded by wins on August 6 and 20. This time a little luck was needed as his opponent Earl Snyder drilled the tree in his 2015 Charger with a .004 reaction to Howard's .096 light, but Earl fell off his 12.35 dial-in with a 12.459 E.T. allowing Howard to slip by for the win. Howard nailed his 10.65 dial-in with a 10.655 pass and celebrated his Street Money "Hat Trick" to keep the streak alive. Steve Seelman Jr. drove to the semifinal finish.

Steve Searles - Modified Winner

Steve Searles got the Modified win over Marietta Derfuss much like the Street Money final. Marietta nailed the tree with an outstanding .005 R.T., but must have spun or experienced other difficulties as her '84 Firebird slowed to a 12.904 on her 12.42 dial allowing Steve to cruise to an off-throttle 11.209 on his 11.00 dial-in and take the win. Dave Hubbard was the lone semifinalist.

Kurt Hagen - STreet Trophy Winner

Street Trophy
Kurt Hagen scored second-straight Street Trophy win in his 2011 Chevy Camaro this time by dispensing Steve Seelman Jr. in their final round match. Kurt held a slight .083 to .089 starting line advantage and drove to a dial-matching 12.384 at 104.94 mph for the win. Steve ran a solid 13.606 on his 13.57 dial in his runner-up effort. Lee Dodson and Jon Skellham lasted to the semis.

Sudsy Eastman - Bike/Sled Winner

Bike/Sled Trophy
Sudsy Eastman nailed his 9.93 dial-in with a 9.939 at 122.27 mph pass and survived his uncharacteristic .199 reaction to get the Bike/Sled Trophy win. Romar Tigner was forced into a breakout pass on his '82 Suzuki when his .252 reaction gave Sudsy the room he needed to take the win light. Bob Salerno was the lone semifinalist.

Natalie Musolino - Jr. Dragster Combo Winner

Jr. Dragster
Natalie Musolino got the Musolino Racing celebration started when she topped Jazmyne Short in their Jr. Dragster final round match. Natalie won both ends of the track with her .068-initiated, 7.950 at an off-throttle 76.15 mph pass on her 7.90 dial-in and scored the win. Jazmyne runnered up with a 7.976 on her 7.91 dial-in. Daniel Thorpe was the semifinalist.

Jrdragsterlogo smWe held our annual NHRA Jr. Dragster Challenge event today with Wallys for Junior "A" division and "B" division drivers.

Tyler Rudolph - Jr. Dragster A Winner

In the Junior "A" Division, it was Tyler Rudolph scoring the win over Owen Roth when Owen slipped under his 8.07 dial-in by tripping the timers at a too-quick 8.063 E.T. Reaction times were close with Owen holding a slight .023 to .029 advantage, but Tyler stayed on the top side of his 7.90 dial and won with a 7.930 at 78.96 mph. Daniel Thorpe was the lone semifinalist.

Francis Vignola - Jr. Dragster B Winner

In Junior "B" action, Francis Vignola was also the recipient of a breakout win after Gavin Roth posted a decisive .015 to .053 R.T. advantage, but went too quick on his 9.04 dial with a 9.016. Francis drove to a winning 9.113 on his 9.07 dial-in to score his Wally. Kimberlee Snell made it to the semis.

That wraps it up for today's action. Next up on Sunday, September 3rd is the annual NHRA King of the Track event.

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.
Winner Circle photos by Vicki Hopper


Super Pro

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Vince Musolino '15 American .017 7.115, 176.38 7.09
R-Up Howie Smith Dragster .031 7.919, 165.58 7.90
Semis Mike LaRose


  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Al Meier '82 Camaro .114 9.913, 133.08 9.87
R-Up Don Austin '93 S-10 .025 10.106, 28.93 10.15
Semis Rob Forbes

Pro MX

  Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Heath Smith '98 Ski-doo .052 8.789, 147.48 8.75
R-Up Derek Eastman '01 Ski-doo .050
10.675, 115.75 10.62
Semis Dennis Boston
Dan Kirkby

Street Money

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Howard Roberts '84 Firebird .096 10.655, 122.94 10.65
R-Up Earl Snyder '15 Charger .004 12.459, 109.46 12.35
Semis Steve Seelman Jr.


Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve Searles '86 Mustang .046 11.209, 102.68 11.00
R-Up Marietta Derfuss '84 Firebird .005
12.904, 110.27 12.42
Semis Dave Hubbard

Street Trophy

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Kurt Hagen '11 Camaro .083

12.384, 104.94

R-Up Steve Seelman Jr. '89 Pontiac .089
13.606, 99.06 13.57
Semis Lee Dodson
Jon Skellham

Bike/Sled Trophy

Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Sudsy Eastman '02 Ski-doo .199 9.939, 122.27 9.93
R-Up Romar Tigner '82 Suzuki .252 11.732, 114.84 11.76
Semis Bob Salerno

Jr. Dragster

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Natalie Musolino Jr. Dragster .068 7.950, 76.15 7.90
R-Up Jazmyne Short Jr. Dragster  .102 7.976, 81.67 7.91
Semis Daniel Thorpe

Jr. Dragster "A"

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Tyler Rudolph Jr. Dragster .029 7.930, 78.96 7.90
R-Up Owen Roth Jr. Dragster  .023 8.063, 80.80 8.07
Semis Daniel Thorpe

Jr. Dragster "B"

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Francis Vignola Jr. Dragster .053 9.113, 72.72 9.07
R-Up Gavin Roth Jr. Dragster  .015 9.016, 72.14 9.04
Semis Kimberlee Snell

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