Bill Lake Homes Twin 10K Bash - July 22-23

Jack Reome - Sunday 10K Winner

July 22-23 - We held our annual Twin 10K Bracket Bash sponsored by Bill Lake Homes this weekend July 22nd and 23rd. A week ago you couldn't park a Golf cart in most of our pit spots without getting stuck and the forecast was not all that great leading up to the race. But for whatever reason all the rain around Central New York bypassed the track and the place dried out and we got off both days of racing. This event has been drawing some of the finest racers to it for years now and this year's version was no different as the race was filled with double 00 reaction times and dead on the dial runs. We even had a perfect run by Brett Van Brocklin who had a .0000 r.t and a 4.7900 winning pass. Here's a rundown of the event.

Joe Fritz - Saturday 10K Winner

Saturday 10K
On Saturday, Day 1 of the event the 10K win went to Joe Fritz from Vermillion, Ohio. Joe drove his dragster to the win when he stopped 2016 ESTA Super Pro points champ Mike Scribani in his '82 Camaro. Joe laid a .0009 light on Mike and ran a 4.775 at 139.68 mph on his 4.76 dial in to grab the cash and the cool trophy. Mike had a decent .030 light, but ran under his 6.28 dial with a 6.253 at 109.47 mph which earned him the well deserved runner up spot. Matt Himes in his '79 Malibu was the semifinalist along with Frank Angers in his dragster.

Pete Maduro - Hi Roller Door Winner

Door Car High Rollers
In the Door Car High Roller Race it was a battle of the Pete's as Pete Madura in his '05 Corvette bodied Roadster stopping Pete D'Agnolo who was in his '79 Malibu. D'Agnolo held the reaction time advantage .037 to .048, but he ran under his 6.12 dial with a 6.118 at 110.34 mph to allow Madura claim the win with his 6.411 at 106.96 mph run on his 6.40 dial.

J.P. Schuster - Dragster High Roller Winner

Dragster High Rollers
The Dragster High Roller win went to J.P. Schuster when he defeated Adam Bitzanis. J.P had a great .007 light and ran a 4.528 at 147.60 on his 4.50 prediction. Adam had an .025 light and had to settle for the runner up spot with a 4.762 at 143.28 mph run on his 4.74 prediction.

Jack Reome - Sunday 10K Winner

Sunday 10K
Sunday's 10K win came down to two of our weekly Super Pro competitors, Jack Reome in his new Corvette bodied Roadster against last year's winner Steve Doss in his dragster. Jack scored the win with a great final round run carding a .018 light and running right on his 5.38 dial-in with a 5.382 at 127.80 mph to force Steve to run under his dial-in. Steve had an .052 light and ran a 5.002 at 134.80 mph on his 5.02 dial in to settle for the runner up spot. Frank Angers in his dragster and Thomas Fletcher in Billy Ryan's '95 Grand Am were the semifinalists.

Mike LaRose Jr. - No Box Winner

No Box Bash
The No Box race was won by Mike LaRose Jr. wheeling his '68 Dart around Saturday 10K semifinalist Matt Himes in his '79 Malibu wagon. Mike won with a .011-initiated, 5.412 at 127.54 mph run on his 5.39 dial. Matt settled for the runner up spot with a .039-initiated, 6.605 at 101.78 mph running right on his 6.60 dial-in.

Abruzzi Challenge
The Abruzzi Challenge was a race between the racers with the best winning packages competing for a transmission service valued at $1200 from Abruzzi Racing Transmission. Allen Ray from Belleville, Ontario Canada drove his '67 Chevy II to the very close win defeating Robert Baure III from Elmo, NY in his dragster. Allen held a slim .014 to .018 starting line advantage and won it with a 5.317 at 127.44 mph on his 5.30 dial. Robert was right there, but fell just short with his 4.983 at 137.20 mpg run on his 4.97 dial.

Paige Montgomery - Jr. Dragster Winner

Jr. Dragster
Paige Montgomery won the Jr. Dragster race defeating Emily Abruzzi in the final round. Emily had Paige covered at the tree with a nice .019 to .090 advantage, but her car could not run the number falling off to a 12.108 at 51.78 mph run on her 11.90 dial. Paige drove around for the win with an 8.014 at 76.54 mph run on her 7.96 dial in.

It was another successful event this year. Thanks to all the racers for coming out and competing to put on a great show. Thanks to Vince for all his efforts in promoting and rounding up the sponsors and thanks to all of my ESTA co- workers for putting in some very long hours to make this event run smoothly.

That wraps it up for today's action, we'll see you next Sunday.

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.
Winner Circle photos by Bryan Epps photography


Bill Lake Homes 10K - Saturday

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Joe Fritz Dragster .0009 4.775, 139.68 4.76
R-Up Mike Scribani '82 Camaro .030 6.253, 109.47 6.28
Semis Matt Himes
Frank Angers

High Rollers - Door Cars

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Pete Madura '05 Corvette .048 6.411, 106.96 6.40
R-Up Pete D'Agnolo '79 Malibu .037 6.118, 110.34 6.12

High Rollers - Dragsters

  Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win J.P. Schuster Dragster .007 4.528, 147.60 4.50
R-Up Adam Bitzanis na .025
4.762, 143.28 4.74

Bill Lake Homes Twin 10K - Sunday

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Jack Reome Corvette Roadster .018 5.382, 127.80 5.38
R-Up Steve Doss Dragster .052 5.002, 134.80 5.02
Semis Frank Angers
Thomas Fletcher

No Box

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Mike LaRose Jr. '68 Dart .011 5.412, 127.54 5.39
R-Up Matt Himes '79 Malibu .039 6.605, 101.78 6.60

Abruzzi Transmission Challenge

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Allen Ray '67 Chevy II .014 5.317, 127.44 5.30
R-Up Robert Baure III dragster .018
4.983, 137.20 4.97

Jr. Dragster

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Paige Montgomery Jr. Dragster .090 8.014, 76.54 7.96
R-Up Emily Abruzzi Jr. Dragster  .019 12.108, 51.78 11.90

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