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ron wrote:
a friend of mine has one in rome with the v8 conversion , hes been wanting to get it out to see what it runs , is this a v-8 ? lite cars , this wouldn't be him would it ?

V8 would have added an additional 300 lbs to the car so instead I went the opposite direction with a 13B-REW out of a twin turbo rx7. With the motor swap it's sitting at a final weight of around 2200 lbs with me in it.

This is the response I received from Pete via e-mail:

"13.99 or quicker requires a roll bar in convertibles, a safety harness and helmet also."

So wanted to say thanks to everyone for the info. Unfortunately no way I'm going to install a harness in my street car, so won't be heading to the track.

Thanks again!
Convertible rules?
Category: Drag Race Banter
Yeah mine has been slighty modded. Stock the car was only pushing 100hp, in it's current street tune it should be sitting around 300hp at the wheels. Which even with my poor driving skills would put me into the 12's well below the safety requirement for a rollbar.
Convertible rules?
Category: Drag Race Banter
Guess I'm sol until I get a rollbar then. Thanks for the info, it's greatly appreciated.
Convertible rules?
Category: Drag Race Banter
Been debating on bringing my little Miata to the track, but not sure if I'll be able to run depending on the safety ruleset with it being a convertible. So figured I'd post here to find out if it'll be worth the trip out. Currently I do not have a roll bar installed on the car. What's the limits I can run without getting kicked off (ie. lowest ET / highest MPH)?
Convertible rules?
Category: Drag Race Banter
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