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I would like to start by thanking Billy & Tana Caprara for giving us the oppurnity to race for this kinda money. Then to Pete DeSalvo for all the hard work he does throughout the week at the race track to make it happen. Jeff Parker for taking time out of his day to come out and help with track prep. All ESTA employees who did a fantistic job all day keeping the show moving really well. All the Sponsors Precision Crankshaft, K&R Performance, Nitro Plate, Mickey Thompson, LakeShore Pizza, Tru Numbers Dyno, Todds Extreme Paint, Chromeworx ultra cars, Yankee Construction, All Pro Tree Service, Cerio Family Dental, Snap on Tools, Vertical Technologies, and Auto Care at Split Rock. And lastly the racers for taking time to come to this race and coming up when called and being ready to race. Congrats to Laura Shepherd (10K winner) Russ Denmark (10K Runner up) Carl Drake JR (High Roller Winner) Adam Bochon (High Roller Runner up) Ron Klein Sr (Gambler winner) Mark Talmadge(Gambler Runner up) Howie Smith (Pit cart Winner) and Kyle Jessup(Pit cart Runner Up).
10K Racers and ESTA ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
and that should be exactly it whatever the sponsors decided they want for a race the racers either adapt or dont race
Gauging interest....
Category: Drag Race Banter
the dabate is you said in a previous post that it was different it is much more the same than different. With that being said to be fair to the racers that leave off the foot the delays boxes should be 0 out. very easy to just adjust slowing down with a box were a footbraker is going to have to wait it out
Gauging interest....
Category: Drag Race Banter
So you are saying that Pro Tree racing isnt the same as leaving off of the top bulb with the cross talk turned on
Gauging interest....
Category: Drag Race Banter
Bob I feel Parker is right set trans and wait for 1st flash and release button it is kinda the same as cross talk not like Modifed were the car sits with finger on the button until the top bulb comes on. And there is pros and Cons to do Box and no Box and brake and no brake. I guess all that will be up to the event planner to decide which direction that kinda a race should go but my opinion would be whatever would bring in the most cars
Gauging interest....
Category: Drag Race Banter
1998 230 inch Racetech dragster 230 inch with single shock backhalf done by Jim Bersani Race cars in Cicero Ny

-Strange Center section and axles and brakes
-Weld 15 inch wheels with hoosier tires
- Saladona radiator
-B&M shifter with solenoid
-harawood scoop
-BG fuel pump
-K&R delay box
-MSD 7al ignition box
-Autometer guages

540 BBC Built brand new 1 year ago
- Chevy block
- Eagle crank and rods
- Dart 325 heads
- Dart intake
- Holly Dominator carb
- MSD dist
-CSR water pump
-powerglide trans

Motor has less than 30 passes since built and has been 7.9s the car is a great starter car and will not get into a better car for the money spent. car was wraped less than 1 year ago. 15500 or best offer Trades accepted Vince 3152548408
98 Racetech dragster
2008 Mac Sherrill 4 ...
Any one know where I ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
I am pretty sure I have a set of chrome afcos brand new
Need springs
2008 Mac Sherrill 235 inch 4 link dragster 235 inch
-Strange rear pro gear 4.10 ratio
-Strange axles
-strange brakes
-Weld magimum fronts with Goodyear Tires
-Weld Alumstar 16 inch rears with Goodyear 34.5 tires with 45 passes on them
-complete wing assembly with carbon fiber element and chrome struts
-MSD Digital 7 ignition with HVC coil
-Magnaflow fuel pump with BG regulator
-12 volt battery system
-Autometer Tach with 3 2 inch autometer guages
-Mega 400 delay box
-Phantom shifter with electric solenoid
-Ron Davis rear mounted radiator
Motor is a 565 Stinnet BBC
-Callis crank
-Oliver rods
-Mellings hi volume oil pump
-BB5 Brodix heads
-Brodix intake
-Motor ran 7.61 with 34.5 tires on it and only has 40 passes since complete freshen up
Trans is a Marco Abbruzzi trans with straight cut gears and all the good stuff
Paint was done by R&R out of Ohio
Car was completly wired @ Sherrills shop and also wired for nitrous.

Car will be sold complete and ready to go out and win, Car has very low passes since new and always well maintained. TK 27000 Vince Musolino 315 254 8408
2008 Mac Sherrill 4 ...
In light of alot cars going faster the last few years I know alot of D1 tracks have been lower the allowed dails in Super Pro and Pro. Any chance of ESTA doing the same, I know in Super alone a 6.50 min would help some cars we have 3-4 alone capable of running sub 7.0s and I am sure there is some in Pro also.
2014 Track rules
Category: Drag Race Banter
I didnt say there wasnt cheaper because there is but they are not by any means nicer
2014 Header Tether r ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
yes they could be made cheaper no doubt but it would suck when the tech official went to looked for the NHRA approved cert # on it and didnt find one and then you built a set for 60 then had to go out and buy the approved set later
2014 Header Tether r ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
As some racers know and for those who do not know effective Jan 1st 2014 the header tether will now be required on all headers. I have become a dealer for they list for 149.99 plus shipping and plan on putting a bulk order together and will be selling for 124.99 plus shipping. The collector tethers are certainly not the cheapest on the market but compared to some others are by far the nicest on the market. And collector will also be paying contegincy this coming year. Contact me @ 315 254 8408
2014 Header Tether r ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
best bet is to call
Dart pro one 355 cnc ...
A Ezgo txt golf cart body complete w/ house of color Orange Tangerine paint with purple pearl in it. It is in very good shape with couple small scratchs that are not noticable 250 or BO buyer reasponsible for shipping
EX Go golf cart Body
esta fuel
Category: Drag Race Banter
is this still happening
double header
Category: Drag Race Banter
emo E85 fuel now in stoc ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
- Best losing 1st rd package Nitro plate 100 off cert-Dick Coppertino .030 package
- Best losing 2nd rd package Portatree 20% off cert-Kathy Kiekel .026 package
- Best losing 3rd rd pack Altronics 100 off cert-Tom Belvick .027 package
-Best losing 4th rd pack K&R 100 off cert-Russ Denmark .018 package
-Best losing 5th rd pack APD 25% off cert-James Smith Jr .092 package
-Best losing 6th rd pack BTE $500 cert-Wesley Cayea .066 package
-Best losing semi pack FTI $ 500 cert-Steve Doss
-Overall 2 day points winner Todds Extreme Paint Helmet paint-Steve Doss
-1st Tech card sold Altronics 100 off cert-Frank Barbagallo
-50th tech card sold Nitro plate 100 off cert-Bob Belvick
-Best losing RT eliminations FTI $250 Cert-Bob Belvick .5000 2nd rd loss
-Worst winning RT eliminations FTI $250 cert-Carl Drake Sr 1.2189 1st rd
-Furthest into eliminations without delay box Digital Delay 10% off cert-Lynn Major
-Furthest w/Hardtail dragster Diamond race cars 10% off front half-James Smith Jr
-Furthest traveled $750 off Chromeworx roller-Dave & Kecia Scigluito
-Bike & Sled furthest into eliminations Nitro Plate 100 off cert-Lynn Major
-Worst losing RT Portatree 20% off cert-David Dragagski 1.1810 1st Rd
-Hard luck award Nitro plate 100 off cert-Chuckie White
-Closest to dial w losing run K&R gift cert-Tony Fiareth
-Best Appearing award Nitro plate 100 off- Rick Arnold
-Furthest from dial w/win Altronics 100 off cert- Miles Highby
-Tightest MOV w/losing run K&R gift cert-Wesley Cayea .0000 in 5th rd
-Fastest Winning ET w/doorcar Abruzzi 10% off cert-Frank Barbagallo 4.984
-Fastest winning ET w/dragster BTE $250 off cert-Carl Drake Jr 4.524
-Best package of day Abruzzi 20% off converter-Steve Doss .003 quarter finals
-1st racer dead on 0 w/doorcar BTE $500 off cert-Dsle Gauthier 6.490 1st rd
-1st racer dead on 0 w/dragster BTE $500 off cert-James Smith Jr 4.850 2nd rd
-Furthest w/ Chevy body door Nitro plate 100 cert-Rick Stonier 72 Chevy
-Furthest w/Ford body door Nitro Plate 100 cert-Kecia Scigluito 97 Ford
-Furthest w Dodge body door Nitro plate 100 cert-Miles Highby 69 Dodge
-Furthest w/import body door Nitro plate 100 cert- Paul Valente 72 datsun
-10K race winner 200 Dewzen Product- Rick Stonier
-10K race RU 100 Dewzen Product -Grant Nichols
-Bounty Hunter racer who beats Carl Drake Jr doorcar-Rick Stonier
FX Caprara Big buck ...
Category: Drag Race Banter
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