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TOPIC: Klaus..Dieroff

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2446

8:45 pm
I saw Klaus after work tonight, he is the most alert he has been. He squeezed my hand and mouthed that he loves me...he got a little frustrated when he tried to write and coudn't put on paper what he wanted...but we finally figured out he was trying to write ....go home...he wants to go home....they will try to take out the breathing tube again tomorrow if he is up to it and things go ok...its possible they may have to put it back in again, or do a treacheostomy, and put the tube right in his throat (temporarily)

I will see him tomorrow night after work and update again then

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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2447

Good to hear he's doing better, and alert! Maybe he was trying to write "more meds!"

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2449

Pat is doing the(((((( Happy Happy)))))) dance !!!!
I got a smile and a couple of kisses tonight!!!
I got to the hospital after work and Klaus was sitting in a chair...He looks WONDERFUL!!!!
The breathing tube was out, he is off all meds except a little bit of pain meds and at the moment they have stopped his dialysis. They might start the Dialysis again tomorrow or see how he does and keep it off...
He is very very hoarse and can't talk, and very weak and can't hold a cup, but ...who cares...He is still here.
He will come around slowly now ...they are going to have to start physical therapy to help him walk again, because he is so weak...
His Surgeon just called me, and said he still has a long way to go, (and there still could be set backs)
but he will still be seeing him at least twice a day...
I let him all know you have been sending prayers and we are both so thankful.
As soon as he is out of ICU, I will let you all know what room he is in, for those that want to visit. It might be a few days yet...
Update again tomorrow night..
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2450

That's great news Pat! Pour a glass of wine for yourself and give yourself a good nap you've earned it! Fingers crossed and positive thoughts being transmitted daily via!
Extreme Exposures

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2451

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That's GREAT. Let him know everyone is pulling for him.

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2452

THANKS "GOD"........

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2453

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...great news,Pat!!As Mike said,take a breather.......we're all here for ya's!!

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2455

Klaus had a little setback again this morning, but he's back on track tonight...not on anything at all except Heprine (blood thinner) they even took the dialysis machine out of his room...they will see how he does overnight tonight and he may even be moved out of ICU tomorrow...He just needs to get his strength back now, possibly a rehab center...not sure ...but he's doing great!!!
He didn't want me to leave tonight, so I'm home late its after 9:PM...
and I'm off to bed...Update again tomorrow

Good Night
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2456

Great news! Small setbacks are ok, but sounds like he's taking major steps forward! Thanks for the updates!

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2460

Just home from hospital, Klaus moved out of Surgical Coronary ICU...Nothing wrong...just the next step down to regular room...They have a bed space available there and he still needs more care and observation than a regular floor care could provide....No visitors yet...maybe another day or two...
He was really acting weird tonight and telling me some wild stories ...They said it is called surgical psychosis,
its from coming off all the sedations and other drugs he had been given...
He told the nurse and I that in the middle of the night, one of the nurses, boyfriends, son came into his room and stole a bunch of checks out of the bottom drawer in the cabinet in the corner...and so today during the day, the hospital people came and wheeled the cabinet out and took all the checks out(checks stored there since 1999)....Now mind you all...this is, is a storage cabinet for medical supplies, blankets and washrags and such...and they did wheel it out to replenish the supplies.
He kept seeing people walking past the window outside....he is on the 6th floor....he was seeing a reflection from the hallway, but must have told me 4 or 5 times...look theres someone walking out there now...
He wanted his bicycle , so he could ride it out in the hallway and exercise his legs...he can't even stand up yet ...or hold a spoon and feed himself...
I was getting concerned and went to talk to the nurse outside and she explained this sometimes happens...told me to just keep re-orienting him...
She came to his room and asked if he knew who he was...he said Klaus
do you know where you are...he says 6th floor
Do you know where in the 6th floor....he says Syracuse
do you know what hospital...he says Crouse(thats where he was 3 weeks ago)Do you know who's the president ...he says...a turd...
The nurse and I were hysterical for 10 minutes and he was confused as to why we were laughing...

Anyway....Its been a very unusual night...I stayed with him til they put him in his new room...and hopefully tomorrow he might be a little more "unconfused"
Update again tomorrow night
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2461

So very glad Klaus is getting better. We know how very slow healing is as David almost died in April and just was released to go back to work this past week. Take one day at time. He is doing awesome. Our prayers and thoughts continue for him and you everyday.
Diane and David Ashby
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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2463

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...a turd??? on!!!

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2464

9:00 pm
I'm Pissed tonight...Klaus did a very stupid thing and knows it...
he tried to get out of the bed by himself and get into the chair (that F'n stubborn German!!!)
, he fell of course and ripped out all the I.V.s in his arms....
and tore the heprin line in half ...
His Dr. had been in and said he was possibly going to rehab on Monday but he was doing very well...said he wanted him to get in the chair and sit once more before when no one was around to help he decided he'd do it himself
It took 3 nurses to get him in the chair this morning and then he had pysical therapy...when I got there he was complaining he hurt and was tired... he said he was just going to sit on the edge of the bed...then pulled the chair over and tried to stand and fell.
At this point I told him I've been next to him every single night for almost 4 weeks now and if he chooses to pull stupid ass stunts like this he will be going the rest alone...I will not be there ...I was crying when I left and he said he was sorry....I told him I love him , but he has to be patient and takes time., and I'd see him tomorrow..
He is also still "halucinating" said he saw "them wheel in a camper shell through the door and past his room to take it down to the welding shop...He's now on the 8th floor and there is no doorway next to his room....let alone a welding shop.
I know he doesn't know quite what he's doing....but he could very well do more harm than good...When I left they were getting a chair and bed alarm...and said if he tried it again...they would end up getting a hospital sitter....someone who would sit in his room 24 hrs., to keep an eye on him...
I'm worn out....and off to bed....Update again tomorrow...Pat
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2465

That'll be a great story to reminisce about later, haha. Glad to hear he's making progress!

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 3 years ago #2467

9 pm...
Klaus MUCH better today...more lucid and less fabrication of stories...
actually listened, and walked with help from 2 nurses and a walker from the bed to the bathroom...back to the chair.
His voice is less hoarse, and they have moved him out of ICU to medical floor...Tomorrow they hope to take out ALL tubes , catheter, and IV's...might leave just the heprin, until they wean him over to a pill form.
He will be starting ACUTE physical therapy on Monday...(Dr. supervised up to 3 hours of excercise per day) to get him able to walk alone and get his strength back and be able to come home. Maybe another week or two..yet
Update again tomorrow night
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

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