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TOPIC: Klaus..Dieroff

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 8 months ago #2400

You're in my thoughts and prayers. You need to get better soon so you can "chair hop" under the "Toddster Tent" next season!! Thanks for the updates Pat.
Kim Rossiter #619

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 8 months ago #2401

Let him know we are al pulling for him and he is in our thoughts and prayers daily!

Dick Aversa

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2402

Klaus still sedated and did not know I was there again today. He is still on the venilator and probably will be for a couple of more days at least.
The remaining kidney still not working on its own so they started him on dialysis. They pumped him yesterday with 14, 000 liters of fluid trying to get that kidney working
but they have only gotten 700ml out...they are going to try to take him off the dialysis machine tomorrow and will give him lasix to see if that may work. They changed the sedation he was on because they thought it was making his BP erratic, and took him off the blood pressure meds and his BP was very good all day today on its own. His heart rate was good all day. They have taken out the epidural that was in his back for pain meds, and are just giving it in his I.V. now
Dr. said that there are no infections anywhere.
I have saved all your emails to show Klaus when he comes home again with all for the well wishes and Prayers.
Please keep them coming....
I wish I had time to thank you all individually
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2403

Most important thing is that he gets better .. if it takes a little while, then it takes a little while! He can get all rested and ready for next race season Take care of yourself too!
Lee and Natalie Dodson

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2404

The dialysis machine they put Klaus on yesterday broke down overnight, they got that up and running again around 7:30 this a.m. They are drawing off more fluid and have been increasing the amount they are withdrawing every few hours.
Noticed a red mark on his left leg last night, and they did a scan of it today and it seems it is a small clot. They thought at first infection, and put him on antibiotics, they did an unltra sound today and the result was the clot.
They have him on a heperin drip and are hoping that will take care of the it.
He is still sedated and on ventilator, so he didn't know his sisters or I was there again today...
They have him on just a little BP medication... I thought he had a little more color to his face this today.
I called to check on him at 9:45 tonight and his nurse says he is resting ok and stats are steady.
She said his hair is a matted mess in the back and was going to try and detangle, and brush it, it but asked if she couldn't get it untangled could she cut it . Even if his family wants it cut and even offered a nurse the other night some scissors.... I told her NO...under NO circumstances can she cut off his ponytail...its part of his trademark.
I told her do her best to comb it and if she gets it done then braid it...But do not cut it!!!
Although...if she did...he'd probably be out of the bed and chasing her down with the scissors...

I'm feeling a bit more hopeful tonight..
Please keep the prayers coming
And again...thank you all for the love and support
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2405

Thanks for the updates Pat - I check here about 50 times a day to see how he's doing! Glad he's stabilised. You seem to be holding up well too - God bless you and Klaus both. You are correct about his ponytail - I'm sure there would be hell to pay if they cut it! Thanks again and take care - make sure you get the rest you need, too.

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2406

Thank you so much for all the updates. Klaus is in our prayers daily and just take it one day at a time.
David and Diane Ashby

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2411

Klaus get better man
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Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2413

3:30 pm...Just left the hospital.
Klaus still the same...his BP up and down...they are trying to reduce the sedation without raising his BP and heart rate....still on dialysis...he does have a small clot in his left leg near his shin, but they already have him on antibiotics and heperin, so they are not concerned and think it will resolve itself. They are slowly upping the amount of fluid they are drawing off with the dialysis...but he is staying more stable each day. They started feeding him by tube last night(intervieniously) and he is absorbing it ok...
The surgeon and the ICU Dr's were both in today, in their t-shirts and jeans ...on their day they are taking good care of him and watching him closely. They put him on a more comfortable mattress today to help him from getting bed sores and they are turning him every 2 hours. The new matress is inflatable and helps with the ease of turning him also. Everyone there has been very supportive and terrific.
One more day...he's still here....he's fighting....his eyelids fluttered a bit when I spoke to him today, so I'm sure he hears me...just hasn't the strength yet to open his eyes (also due to the sedation).
I have been talking to him daily and telling him you are all sending your best wishes and prayers
and I can't thank you all enough or tell you how much it means to his family and me.

Oh....he still has his took the nurse 2 hours to untangle it and comb it out and she braided it...but its still there
....but they did shave off his mustache (they couldn't get the tape that holds the breathing tube in place to off it went) It will be the first time ever since I've known him I've seen him without one. Right now the tape is across his face there so you can't really tell....
Still a long long way to go....
Keep the prayers coming
I will call to check on him again before his nurse leaves at 7:30...and update later
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2414

  • st1342
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Sorry to hear about Klaus, your in our thoughts and prayers! He was very kind to our son when he moved up into street money, always around to chat with! Can you post hospital and room info for some cards to be sent?
keep positive!
the Bunals

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2416

6:20 pm just left hospital
I think we made a teeny-tiny step forward today....I went to see Klaus after work tonight and when I went to his bed and said hello Klaus , its Pat I'm here, his eyes fluttered open and he turned his head toward me. Of course he was unfocused, and his eyes rolled back , but I know he heard me, and that happened a couple of times, while I was talking to him.. They have lowered his sedation a bit to bring him around more, and he seems to be doing ok with it so far., and they have increased his pain meds a tiny bit.

Still on ventilator and still on dialysis machine...but just maybe starting to wake up that sleeping kidney a bit.

I'll update again tomorrow night after I see him

For those asking about sending cards and flowers...he can't have them yet...he's in Intensive Care Unit...but if you wish to send them to our home, I will take them to him when he is alert enough to read them

116 Carlton Rd
Syracuse NY 13207
Thanks again Everyone...I believe the prayers are helping....

To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2417

  • ratssass
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....good to hear even a small bit of progress.Also good to know you're hanging tough,Pat.Thank you for the updates,and the address,we know you have a full plate,right now.Stay positive!!

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2418

5:30 am...just spoke to hospital...Klaus was very agitated over night, and his BP was spiking again...and he was thrashing about...they had to turn his sedation up again..and give him more BP meds...this is how its been going all along...every time they try to reduce the sedation...I'll see him after work today and update later
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2419

hang in there pat...its tough road,and a long walk but you got what it takes to see it through....we all got your back..GOD IS GOOD.......sundayfunmoney....

Re: Klaus..Dieroff 5 years, 7 months ago #2420

Thank you all for all the wonderful responses, the wishes and prayers...they come to my email , and I have them all saved in a folder called Esta Well wishes...for Klaus to read when he comes home.

I just got home from the hospital, Klaus is about the same...they did take out the feeding tube, they don't think he's ready for it. He took in some the first day or so, but now his body is not taking it in, so they stopped for a day or so. They have him off the BP medication and his BP is holding its does spike when they turn him in bed or whatever, but it comes back down to normal range. They are starting to cut back on the pain medication so he can tolerate whats going on some. They can't allow the medication to do all the work..They are hoping that when his BP stays normal and he can tolerate the pain meds lower , and they have some more fluid drained off his body with the dialysis machine , that they will be able to reduce the sedation and take out the breathing tube. The Dr. was in tonight and said maybe another day or so.

He did open his eyes a few times and turn toward my voice tonight, but he is not focused...and not blinking..I had to close his eyes for him...(thats the sedation)...

I'll see him again tomorrow night after work and update then...
To Never Take a Chance is to Never Know What could Have Been

Pit Observer
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