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If you have never raced a ESTA, please read this!
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TOPIC: If you have never raced a ESTA, please read this!

If you have never raced a ESTA, please read this! 4 years, 5 months ago #3835

Welcome to ESTA Safety Park!
For the first time racers to the track, please let me walk you through the way things work at the track.
1.) You will enter the track from the North gate, and be greeted by our fabulous attendants, who
will have you sign the waiver,take your admission fee, and affix a wrist band THAT YOU MUST KEEP
ON ALL DAY. (without this band, you may be asked to pay again, so PLEASE keep in on your wrist!)
2.) After getting your wristband, you will proceed straight down to tech, where your vehicle will be
safety inspected. If approved, you will receive a Tech Card.
3.) Once Teched, you will find a space to park your vehicle. Please take note that spaces will be
marked T-XXX or S-XXX on the right side of the pit space. If there is a number on the left side,
that space IS RESERVED. Please do not park there, or you will be asked to move. If you would
like to reserve a space, tell Pete in Tech, or Robin in the Tower, the space you want, as
identified by the T or S number. To help you decide which side to pit on, Super Pro, Pro,
Modified and Jr Dragsters all stage on the tower side. Street and Bike/Sled stage on the
Spectator side. Until you follow the flow, it may be easier for you to pit on the side you will
Stage on.
4.) After parking, fill out your Tech Card. Take it to Robin at the Base of the Tower. Give her your
tech card and Entry fee, and she will give you the competition number that you need to write on
the upper passenger side & Driver window of your car, or side of your bike/sled/Junior. MAKE IT
LEGIBLE! You need to make it easy to read from the top of the tower, so BIG AND CLEAR. (Your
Dial In must be clear as well!) By now, you should know what class you need to listen for.
5.) After leaving the tower, take a stroll over to the starting line. Don’t be afraid to ask
questions. Look to see where the PreStage and Stage lights are (there is a cone by them). Ask
fellow racers as well. Most of them are a friendly bunch. Its in your best interest to find
someone close to your pit spot, that’s in the same class as you are!
6.) At Roughly 9:20am, the first time trials are called. When your particular class is called, head
up to the lanes the announcer is calling you to (Not before) You will then wait in or by your
vehicle to advance into the water box AS DIRECTED BY THE STAGING LANE STEWARD. BE SURE YOU ARE
READY! Belts on, helmet and safety equipment on.
7.) DOT Treaded tire cars MUST DRIVE AROUND the water, and back in to the water. Slick (And Street
slick) cars can drive through. (Unless you have drag fronts, it’s in your best behalf to drive
around and back in anyways!) DO NOT DO YOUR BURNOUT UNTIL DIRECTED!!
8.) When the starting line crew is ready, they will instruct you to do your burnout. DO NOT do it
before directed! After doing your burnout, proceed forward to the staging lights.
9.) IF, during your run, your vehicle gets squirrely, LET OFF and proceed down the track safely. DO
NOT get back on the gas hard!!! Your weight bias is re-neutraled, and you will likely spin your
vehicle out! This is THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE of crashes! Your run is pretty much useless at that
point, so don’t risk injury!
10.)If, in your run you broke something, GET TO THE SIDE of the lane as soon as SAFELY possible.
11.)After you make your pass, we have 3 turnoffs. The first turnoff is just ahead of the ticket
shack. Proceed PAST that unless your vehicle is hurt. You will see another turnoff approx. ½ way
to the end. The final turn is pretty obvious. LOL (All turns to the right) The right lane has
12.)Proceed up the return road SLOWLY to the ticket shack to get your time slip.

Some other points to consider:
Bring a dial in marker (Or contrasting show polish)
Bring a helmet for cars faster than 14 seconds
DON’T drive thru Mud. (You will likely get lynched by other racers)
Bring a chair
READ the Track Rules!!
Tune your FM radio to 89.3 to hear the announcer

And have a GREAT time!
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Re: If you have never raced a ESTA, please read this! 4 years, 5 months ago #3836

  • gasser65
  • Trophy Racer
  • Posts: 35
great advice, well put
also, look up the track on google, or bing
only because I got it wrong, went the wrong way on the return road
the return road is closest to the track, there are 2 other roads, 3 total, you can see them on the map
also 3 turn offs on the right side, can also see on the map
these things are not labeled, or identified , so try to be more aware than I was
most of all, be safe, and have fun
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